WhiteTone Face Powder-Review

WhiteTone Face Powder-Review

Hello everyone,

I will be reviewing White tone face powder with Soft shade formula. The TV commercial caught my eye. Though I am not much into fairness thing, I expected this powder to make my skin glow without making me look like “just-out-of-a-scary movie”.

whitetone face powder 1

The weird thing about this face powder is that it comes with no applicator. You have to use your hand, hanky or carry your own applicator to use it.

Product Description:

White Tone Face Powder with Soft Shade Formula,Face Powder for skin


Titanium Di Oxide, Alumina, Talc, Mica, Perfume Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccanate, Dimethicone/ vinyl dimethicone Cross Polymer and Silica


100INR for 70 gm pack

whitetone face powder 2

It comes in a cute, pink, plastic jar.

My experience with WhiteTone face powder:

White Tone Face Powder comes in a very bubbly plastic jar. The color of the jar is very feminine and it will appeal to ladies of all age groups, especially those in their teens. I liked the floral fragrance of the powder. But somehow this product couldn’t live up to my expectation. I don’t know what the company meant by “Soft shade formula”, but this powder is not perfect for dusky skin tone. My complexion is a very inconsistent one. At times I appear very dark and at times my skin appears lighter. This powder also performs accordingly. I end up looking ashy sometimes and at times it looks just okay.

As you can see from the swatch, the powder leaves a white cast on my hand. My hand is darker than my face and it can be clearly noticed that the powder settles into any fine lines on my hand. Very little amount of powder is required. Taking more amount of powder will only make you look scary. But I feel this powder is a boon for those who are fair. My mother is very fair and it looks perfect on her and makes her flaws seem less noticeable.

whitetone face powder swatch

I never dare to dab it on my whole face. It makes me look like someone set to do a mime show. I usually put my sunscreen and calamine and sprinkle some of this powder on my T-zone which gets oily. The 70gm pack seems never-ending. I don’t like using the same product for a long time. I wonder why I bought the 70gm pack. The 30gm pack is much cuter. But again, even that will last a long time I feel. Fair-skinned beauties will love this powder. It is mattifying and minimizes the appearance of minor flaws. I have started using it as body talc due to the lovely scent. It smells like a loose face powder that Pond’s had launched few years back in a white tub. I cannot recollect the name. Those who had used it and miss it will find this product helpful.

The face does not feel heavy after applying the product. I use it to set my make-up. It makes my make-up last long when I have to attend a day long function.  It gets tough to use this powder on-the-go because it comes with no applicator and you’ll have to carry this jar and applicator separately.  This powder is not right for touch-ups.

A word of caution:

Always use very little amount of this powder the first time you use it. Increase the amount according to your requirement from the second usage.

Pros of WhiteTone face powder:

  • Mattifies.
  • Flawless finish for fair skin.
  • Helps in setting make-up.
  • Cheap and easily available.
  • Didn’t break me out.
  • Long lasting.
  • Awesome fragrance.

Cons of WhiteTone face powder:

  • Doesn’t suit every skin tone.
  • Leaves white cast on dusky skin.
  • No applicator.

Final verdict:

I will not re-purchase it.I would recommend this to fair-skinned ladies. It will work really well on their skin.The search for the perfect face powder goes on for me!

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8 thoughts on “WhiteTone Face Powder-Review

  1. I have used it and dint find it useful enough… me too use it as a talcum..but what left me giggling after your review was almost everyone (in my circle) who has used it finds it suitable for fair skinned beauties.. 🙂 White tone powder for Fair skinned beauties !

  2. I am dusky too, but works fine for me. It doesnt make me look ashy just a bit of glow. But I take very little product rub in my palm n when it completely blends then I apply it. Stupid but true…

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