Why Do Women Dress Up?

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It’s the age old debate… Do women dress for men, themselves or to bring out the green eyed monster in other women?

I feel us as women love to begin our days with choosing a statement outfit to go out and challenge the world in. But have a think and wonder, when you are beautifying yourself, who are you thinking about when you put on that new Chanel?  Yes we all dress for compliments and we like compliments from both sexes, and lets face it, its much harder to impress your girlfriends over your boyfriend. Half the time your man may not even notice that you are wearing your PJ’s out to the club?
In this issue I think we cans split it up into three areas…

We dress for ourselves?

Most women tend to dress for them selves. We must all admit that shopping and finding that perfect outfit does make you feel happy, sexy and confident. And lets face it, at the end of the day, you’re the one wearing and feeling comfortable in it, so half the time you don’t even want or need someone else’s approval?  Dressing for us is probably the best way to go about life, if you are worrying all the time about who will notice and what others are thinking, you will never lead a creative, outgoing fashionable wardrobe, due to you will be too scared to wear what you really like. Embrace the inner fashionista.

women dressing upWe dress for other women?

Ok we have to admit, we have all had a taste of the green-eyed fashion monster? You know, half the time when I am out and about, im not looking for good looking men, im looking for the latest Jimmy Choo’s that have just stepped of the runway. It’s a womanly thing I think,  every women will notice and judge what  other women are wearing. Its fantastic getting a compliment from another women, we are on the same level here girls and we really can make or break some-one with our harsh or observatory words. I think a high number 1 reason on why we dress for other women, is the ex-factor. If we know we will be seeing our partner’s ex-girlfriend then of course that whole two hours before we meet her, we are manic. The right outfit has now become a top high listed priority, this one can not be wrong. This is where two women will battle it out on the fashion field.

We dress for men?

Now, this is an interesting one. Single or attached pays a huge role in how we dress. Single, us women are always inclined to show a little more when out on the town, wouldn’t you agree? But not too much otherwise you could look tacky. I mean its great for men to notice us, but in the right way. Even in an relationship im sure you find you will dress for your man. There is nothing better than when your man notice’s and comments on your outfit.

I personally dress for myself. I mean, yes I do have a fashionable boyfriend who notices what I wear, but I whole heartily dress to how im feeling and what I think looks good on me. But then again if I know im seeing an ex-partner or a partners ex, then maybe…erkkk, just a little I will dress to impress them!  Who wouldn’t, we are all mammals with feelings, right?

Well what ever the reason and who ever you dress for, at the end of the day make sure you wear it with a smile. Any outfit will look 100% with a smile 🙂

What’s Your Reason for Dressing Up?

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24 thoughts on “Why Do Women Dress Up?

  1. Me too….dress for myself….and most of the times it is liked by other men and women….so no complaints :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Loved your post Emma…a very nice topic! :thanks:

  2. he heh e..this is really good article Emma!! ..I dress for myself coz my Bf is fed up of me wearing some 3-4 selected dresses all the time, just because I love them and feel good in them more than what I feel in other dresses!! 😀 😀 :D.. It hardly ever happens that I am getting dressed up to get compliments from anyone, but yes they do effect me a lot 🙂 :). My first priority is that I should feel good in whatever I am wearing..You won’t believe, I have no t-shirt at all…not even a single one…just coz I dont feel comfy wearing them!! 😛 😛 😛

  3. Good one Emma…whatever our reasons but if it makes BF/hubby happy.. you win, if it makes other gals jealous.. again you win… so ultimately we dress up for ourselves naa…

  4. me too dress for myself… my mum is my biggest…err….critics ?:) ?:) as she is always telling me wear this & dont wear that 🙂 :((

  5. err…i know a little off the topic but would any one plz tell me which eye makeup brushes should be hard & which soft??? ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  6. i think most of the women dress for themsleves, even me too 😉 😉
    for example if my hubby don’t want me to wear a pirticular dress but i like it very much, i don’t listen to him! :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

  7. When I am feeling low, I dress up for myself….
    When I am headed to a family gathering, I dress for other women….
    When I am headed to a party, I dress to minimise threat…
    When I want to charm hubby, I dress for him….

    loved your piece Emma!

  8. Cool article Emma! :yes: :yes: Yes I dress up for myself , its really fun to get all dressed n feel good looking at ur ownself no?? 😉

  9. Actually sometimes I dress up just to boost my mood wen im PMS-ing or feeling ow. gives a grt feeling.
    and sometimes when a complete stranger looks at u it also does grt for the confidence 😉
    so I guess all the above applies for me.. ehhheheh

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