24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss

These past few months have brought about major changes in our lives – from altering sleep schedules, to changing our work environment, increasing stress levels, and of course completely overhauling our eating habits. We are specifically talking about an exponential rise in non-essential eating. Also, all the extra time in hand has turned a lot of us into amateur chefs with specialization in baking. Needless to say, stress eating is a major contributor. Now, here comes the problem – the new habit of mindless grazing and frequent snacking can lead to weight gain and obesity, and put one in the risk category of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In this “new normal” scenario, we would have to figure out a way to  mend our eating habits because weight gain will soon give way to obesity. Small changes matter a lot when it comes to weight loss. Small changes in lifestyle, sleeping for at least 7 hours, remaining active through the day, all add up and help with losing weight. If you are serious about weight loss, consider clearing up your refrigerator because it can act as an impediment for shedding kilos. And that’s because, we usually like to stock high-calorie, sugary delights in the fridge and it’s just a few steps away to get rid of stress, boredom, and hunger. Eating high-calorie, junk, and sugary delights give us a quick high and acts a temporary solution to get out of stress and boredom. A well-stocked refrigerator that has loads of processed and packaged food can act as a roadblock and barrier if one is trying to lose weight because we tend to store leftovers, sugary delight, and junk food, all in the fridge. To help you lose weight and get healthy in general, we list down 24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss so that you can eliminate them from your diet and start afresh 😛

24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss

How To Arrange Food in the Fridge for Weight Loss:

1. Set a schedule: The first thing you should probably do to avoid frequent snacking is to set yourself a meal and snack schedule. Don’t eat outside of your schedule, stick to the timings. Check out Rati Beauty weight loss programs on the Rati Beauty app for more details.
2. Stop shopping for snacks and junk food – it’s as simple as that – Shop with this “list of 99 Grocery Items That Any Dietician Would Approve.”

24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss:

1. Flavoured Greek Yogurt: Though these fruity and flavoured yogurt tubs claim to be a good source of probiotics, they also have a high amount of sugar, preservatives, artificial color, flavour which can hamper your weight loss efforts.
2. Soft Drinks: These only have empty calories and loads of sugar – totally avoid them if you want to get healthy, forget about losing weight.
3. Diet Soda: Contrary to popular belief, diet soda is not good for dieters. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda is equally bad with its saccharin and aspartame content.
4. Flavoured milk: For obvious reasons, high sugar, artificial flavours are all added to make such milk varieties appealing to the tastebuds. Stick to real milk, almond milk, even whole fat milk.
5. Margarine: This type of butter is wrongly marketed as a healthy alternative to butter, but it’s made from whipping up hydrogenated oils with high fat content.
6. Energy drinks: They help you to be active through the day, but how? With high sugar content, complete no-no.
7. Frozen French fries: You got to fry those frozen French fries to eat them, right? Deep-fried foods increase the calorie count considerably.
8. White Bread: It’s made from refined flour, added sugar, preservatives, and has emulsifiers. Not a good breakfast or snack option.
9. Processed Meat: This kind of meat has preservatives and treated with chemicals so that it does not go bad for a relatively long period of time. It’s always best to opt for fresh meat instead of processed meat.
10. Bottled olives: Salt is used as the main preservative in bottled olives and such olives may actually cause weight gain through water retention.
11. Salad dressings: Preservatives, high sodium content, added sugar, loads of calories make it a wrong choice to add to your fresh salads.
12. Packed Fruit Juices: Though these juices may claim to be 100% concentrated juice without any preservatives, the story is far from it – nothing can replace whole fruit with high fiber content. These juices not only lack the precious fiber content, they also might have preservatives and artificial flavours in them. Reading the ingredient list will reveal the whole story and the real truth.
13. Protein bars: We often pick up protein bars to reward ourselves for working out hard in the gym and to supply the body with protein, but you are just putting back all those calories that you burnt during exercise with the high sugar content in the bars.
14. Canned fruits: Fruits in sugary syrup is not the same as fresh fruits. Canned fruits lose their nutritive value in the the syrup and take send the calorie count spiralling.
15. Soy Sauce: The high sodium content leads to bloating and water retention.
16. Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is made by adding loads of oil, even the egg-free version is made the same way, by adding lots and lots of oil. Mayonnaise is extremely delicious and it’s hard to stop at just one teaspoon, but do remind yourself that 1 tsp can put up to 100 calories into your daily calorie count.
16. Tomato Sauce: It’s not just tomatoes, there are a whole lot of preservatives, sugar, high sodium in that sauce bottle.
17. Ice cream: This sugary treat is absolutely not recommended if you are trying to lose weight.
18. Pastries: These goodies come loaded with refined sugar, refined flour, transfat, and usually have high amount of calories.
19. All chocolates except Dark Chocolate: Yes, chocolate are not bad for weight loss, but only dark chocolate. Rest of them are all about calories and sugar.
20. Jam: White bread and jam are a wrong combo and a dieter’s nightmare.
21. Muffins: Though these look small in size, they can pack up to 400 calories with its refined sugar, refined flour content.
22. Doughnuts: Ditto as above!
23. Readymade Coffee: Pure coffee can boost weight loss, but not the readymade bottled and canned ones with high amount of sugar.
24. Frozen Pizza: You would not be able to lose any weight if frozen pizza is part of your daily routine.

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