Yardley London High Shimmer Lip Gloss Pink Kiss Review,Swatches

Yardley London High Shimmer Lip Gloss Pink Kiss

Product description

Yardley provides irresistible pink gloss and sensual lips. Easy-spread formulation enriched with vitamin E protects your lips from drying out, hydrates and nourishes them. Active ingredients for UV protection provide your lips with a healthy and shiny appearance. Ideal for daily and evening look.

Price and Quantity

Rs. 140 for 10ml


The Yardley London lip gloss comes in a simple pink tube type packaging. The tube has a slanted tip for application. It comes with a screw type cap which closes perfectly and the product is released only when the tube is pressed. The packaging is very similar to the Maybelline Fruity lip glosses, it is simple and travel friendly. There were two color variations of the lip gloss at the store, the other one was red in color.


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The shade “Pink Kiss” is a medium pink color with hint of mauve undertones to it, the lip gloss color looks very similar to the onion peel color. It looks quite dark on the swatch but comes out a little diffused on the lips. As there were no testers, I had to just blindly pick it up. I expected the color to be very pale and frosty but to my surprise the color is a nice pink. It comes loaded with shimmer. The shimmer particles are super fine, they do not feel gritty or chunky. They are finely milled with the color. The lip gloss gives a nice high shine as it claims and it instantly adds some plump effect to the lips.


Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the lip gloss is thick and sticky in formulation. I am pretty sure my hair will stick to it and it will transfer a lot. It feels quite heavy on lips and not comfortable. The pigmentation of the lip gloss is pretty good and with one swipe of the gloss, you can get good color intensity and it decently covers up lip pigmentation too. The lip gloss has a very strong fruity bubblegum smell which stays for about 15 to 20 minutes after application.


Staying Power

The staying power isn’t good. My lips became completely bare after a very light snack. You cannot really expect it to survive even light snacks. It can also be easily wiped off with one swipe of the tissue. It stays around for 1 and half hours on me. When it starts fading, the shimmer is left behind on the lips.


Pros of Yardley London High Shimmer Lip Gloss Pink Kiss

 Simple and easy to use packaging.
 Affordable.
 Nice pink color.
 Shimmer is finely milled.
 Good amount of quantity.
 Availability.
 Good pigmentation.


Cons of Yardley London High Shimmer Lip Gloss Pink Kiss

 Strong fruity, bubble gum fragrance.
 Low staying power.
 Sticky and thick texture, really not comfortable on lips.
 It feels heavy on lips.
 Shimmer in the lip gloss is left behind on the lips after the color fades away.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend the Yardley London High Shimmer Lip Gloss Pink Kiss?

No, I don’t even feel like going back for the other red color. I really did not like the formula and I do not recommend it to you all. There are so many good options in the market around this price tag itself or just spend few bucks more and get a decent one. I think the Maybelline Fruity lip glosses were much better than this. You can easily skip this one!

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