Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water Review



I have tried the toner from the “Yes to Tomatoes” range and loved it, and I am about to finish that product soon. And that’s why, I decided to try out more products from this range. For the past few months, I have been experimenting with different kind of makeup removal products and face cleansers. I have tried removing my waterproof makeup and dark eye makeup using  micellar water, cleansing balms, cleansing oils and cleansing creams. Among all the kind of products I mentioned, my personal favorite are the cleansing balms. However in the month of October, I had tried “cotton cleansing pads” from the brand Yes To. They were meant to remove my eye makeup and they performed fairly well in that aspect. So, I decided to buy micellar water from Yes To Tomatoes as well. Here’s the review on Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water bottle

Product Description:
Yes to fighting pesky pimples with tomato extract, salicylic acid and micellar water to gently cleanse, treat and moisturize all-in-one, without rinsing.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water ingredients

My Experience with Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water:

The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser on top. The volume of the bottle is 230 ml and the pump dispenser on the top is on which the push down to dispense the product, such kind of pump dispensers are my favorite.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water

This micellar water is perfect for acne-prone skin or the kind which gets clogged pores easily. This cleaner has a not-so-long list of ingredients but most of them are natural fruit and plant-based extracts. It contains salicylic acid, aloe leaf juice, water and alcohol as the solvents to dissolve all the solutes present as the active and inactive ingredients. This cleanser also contains witch hazel which is a natural astringent and is potent at clearing out pores. It contains tomatoes fruit extract which is a natural skin bleaching agent and clears out skin without clogging pores.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water full

I use this cleanser in the same way as I use Yes to Cotton Micellar Water. I use two pumps of this product to remove my makeup and two pumps to remove my face makeup. Although it is advised to remove makeup from eyelids with eyes closed, I have still tried to use it on my waterline and it worked just as well without irritating my eyes and that is impressive because most makeup removing solutions do not have this feature, even the high-end ones come without this feature.

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water packaging

Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water is efficient at removing face makeup, liquid lipstick, eyeshadow, and brow makeup. However, it is not efficient at removing waterproof mascara or the eyeliner on my waterline. I find this to be the case with most micellar waters that I have tried. Nevertheless, I still recommend this micellar water to others, especially to those who do not wear dark, heavy eye makeup or waterproof eye makeup often. Most importantly, I recommend it to those who have acne-prone skin and get frequent breakouts. For the money paid, a consumer get a generous amount of this product and one cannot go wrong with it. This cleansing water is a simple, affordable and nutrient rich solution to cleanse our face. The packaging is pretty, study and travel friendly.

Pros of Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water:

  • An affordable cleansing water for acne-prone skin.
  • Does not irritate eyes or sensitive skin around the eyes. It does not irritate my face or cause excessive dryness.
  • Comes in a travel-friendly packaging.
  • Easily removes face makeup well without clogging pores or causing acne.
  • Generous quantity.
  • Rich in acne-fighting ingredients and aloe vera extract that help nourish and protect skin, while leaving it clean.

Cons of Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water:

  • The floral fragrance is not very appealing and smells artificial.
  • Does not efficiently remove waterproof mascara.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Micellar Cleansing Water?
This cleanser is a power packed micellar water with appealing ingredient list. It works amazing well as a toner as well and no wonder it has such glowing reviews online. I do recommend this product to others.
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