Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown Review

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Today’s review is about Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown. Let’s see how it fared.

Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown Review

Price: €5 for 1.3 g 
Product Description:
Enhances eyes in one stroke.
Enriched in Castor oil, the soft and gliding texture of the Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil leaves behind a precise line from the first application for a sublime look in a single step.
The Plus: The Kohl Eye Pencil offers 3 different application possibilities:
– On the inside of the eye
– At the edge of the upper or lower lashline: apply the pencil starting from the inner corner toward the outer corner.
– As a shadow: crosshatch the mobile eyelid and blend using your fingers to create a halo with a shading effect.
Tested under ophthalmological supervision.

My Experience with Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown:

The kohl pencil comes in a plastic cover so you can be sure that it has not been swatched by anyone. The packaging is hygienic and travel-safe. The kohl pencil is more like a normal pencil with a wooden cover and the kohl inside. It has a protective transparent cap, too. The cap is made of good plastic and does not break easily. Overall, the product is handy and a must-have in every travel bag.

Yves Rocher Brown Eye Pencil

One can see the colour through the transparent cap and also at the base of the pencil. I have 5 of these and store them upside down. This way, it’s very quick and easy to recognize and use the desired shade. The kohl itself is dark brown in colour, which suits all skin tones. The kohl pencil can be used to line the eyelids easily. I have used it on my waterline and to tight line also.

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Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown

The pencil glides smoothly and softly all over, which makes it very easy to use. I normally use it in the morning and it does not require any touch-ups till the end of the day. The product lasts long on the eyes. When used as an eyeliner, it does not flake due to the soft formula. It also does not smudge when applied on the waterline.

brown eyeliner

I normally do not wear any other coloured eyeliners other than black to work. But there are days when you feel like wearing something little colourful, especially during bright sunny days. This colour is perfect for such days. The colour will not pop or make your eyes stand out. It’s pretty subtle. This is what I like about this! The product has absolutely no shimmer and is completely matte.

Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown Swatch

The colour payoff is really good and it stays intense the entire day. It’s also perfect for people who like to keep their makeup minimum. The brown creates a soft romantic look and does not have that strong impact like black. It’s not waterproof, hence is perfect for me since I wear contact lenses.

Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown EOTD

The product can also be wiped out using a makeup wipe at the end of the day. I get excited every time I use this product. I have used it for smokey eye and it works just great. For this price, it’s a perfect find. I just cannot recommend it enough. It’s also cruelty-free.

Pros of Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown:

• Small, handy packaging
• Sturdy cap
• Impressive colour and payoff
• Does not smudge
• Lovely color
• Matte finish
• Can be used to create a smokey eye look
• Soft texture
• Cruelty-free

Cons of Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown:

• Wastage when sharpened
• I prefer retractable packaging

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend Yves Rocher Kohl Eye Pencil 03 Brown?
If you prefer brown eyeliners, go for this one.

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