Za Perfect Solution Toner Review

Za Perfect Solution Toner

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing great. Recently, I reviewed one astringent from Alba for you all, and I mentioned there that it was making my skin dry so I was looking for another toner. I thought of going back to my trusted TBS tea tree toner and decided to buy it from TBS booth in Central as I had some Central vouchers with me but for some reason the TBS tea tree toner was out of stock and the new brand Za’s super-excited SA was constantly luring me to her counter so I finally gave up and went to her counter. She asked me to fill a questioner about my skin and based on the answers she suggested me to try a toner from the Perfect solution range.

Price: INR 799

Product Claims:

This moist, smooth textured lotion boosts your skin’s hydration and clarity to impart firmness and a silky glow.



My Experience with Za Perfect Solution Toner:

The Za perfect solutions claim to have intensive triangle technology which as per their website means:

1. Injects firmness
2. Enhances translucence
3. Provides high moisture retention.

To my surprise, it did not made my skin extra oily. It made my skin feel moisturized but not the oily-kind, it was more like a hydrated feel. It cleans the face off dirt and oil effectively and skin feels really fresh and clean after use. After using this toner, it feels little sticky for a few minutes but once it dries up, the skin feels really clean but moisturized. It has Retinol Palmitate as one of the active ingredients which helps the skin retain its elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. That was the reason the SA suggested this to me as I am already 29 and this is the right time to start using anti-aging products.


It does nothing for controlling oil, as my skin gets oily after some time of using this toner. With regular use, I see my skin looking clearer now. Skin feels smother and firmer. This toner does not sting and still makes skin clean and pores appear smaller.

This toner comes in tall hot pink plastic bottle which looks very beautiful. The shinny metallic pink cap makes the packaging look very attractive. It has slim middle which gives good grip on the bottle. The toner is clear and has some light flowery smell to it which fades soon.


In totality, I love the effect of this toner on my skin and I will recommend this to all skin types and especially for girls over 25.



Pros of Za Perfect Solution Toner:

• Skin feels clean and fresh.
• Pores appear small.
• Skin appears clear and smooth.
• No heavy feel on the skin.
• Removes oil and dirt from skin effectively.
• No-Comedogenic
• Has anti aging benefits.
• No sting or uncomfortable feel for skin.
• Attractive packaging.
• Refreshing flowery small.

Cons of Za Perfect Solution Toner:

• Does not help in oil-control.

IMBB Rating:


Will I be repurchasing Za Perfect Solution Toner?

May be I will.

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    1. the sample lasted for 4-5 usage only and as of now with pregnancy glow my skin look fine mostly 😛 So I am not able to decide on it completely but feels like its worth trying out for combination to dry skin…. 😀

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