Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette Review

by Trina B.

First, I have to declare that I have a love-hate relationship with the brand “Zara.” I love to visit their showrooms and browse their collection, but when I come out, I always feel that I couldn’t buy many things, yet that month’s credit card bill would give me a heart attack! My love for Zara enabled me to have a nice Zara Eau de Toilette collection. My all-time favourite is Zara Femme and this year, on the occasion of my marriage anniversary, my brother gifted me another one. Today, I am going to review that gift – Zara Women Rose Gold EDT.



It is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women Top note is peony, middle notes are orange blossom and Gardenia and base note is Tonka bean.  Description from Zara says Oriental-floral: Magnolia leaves, green notes, orange flower, golden amber and musk.  This perfume was introduced in 2013.  Made in France.




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I think it is within INR 1000 for 100 ml (as it is a gift, I did not want to check its price).

My Take on Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette:

Firstly, the packaging is really classy; I feel Zara is really awesome when it comes to packaging. They have some really artistic packaging, which gives you a sense of satisfaction, although price is not sky high. This product is also not an exception. I fell in love with the “Rose Gold” bottle and yes it was love at first sight!


Regarding the perfume, it is a good perfume for mainly evening/night use. In the mornings, it may feel a little heavy/strong. When I used the perfume for the first time, I could only smell the overpowering alcohol (most of the perfumes have this alcohol scent initially, yet this one was a bit too much!) However, after a while, it went away and I could feel fresh citrus notes (orange flower I believe), which would remind you of spring.

I could also feel the fragrance of musk and amber, but I felt orange flower and peony are predominant.  I have used this on my winter clothes and now as I am sending these clothes to dry wash, I can still smell this perfume on the garments. When you apply it, you can detect it from a distance, so I would say the silage is really good.

As per me, it’s more of a women perfume than a girly one.  This perfume is fresh, but sensual at the same time. I would suggest you to try it once at the Zara store to take a call 🙂


Pros of Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette:

  • Refreshing yet sensual smell.
  • Orange flower notes remind you of spring and I love it!
  • The fragrance is good for night/evening use.
  • Good trail/silage of perfume.
  • The packaging is really classy.
  • Doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Doesn’t irritate skin.
  • Not pricey for a 100 ml bottle, it will last long.

Cons of Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette:

  • Limited availability.
  • Packaging is not good for travel. Glass bottle is pretty heavy. There is a small 30 ml pack available though.
  • May be heavy/strong to use in the morning.
  • May not be suitable for all age groups, specially college goers.

IMBB Rating:

4 Out of 5.

Would I repurchase Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette?

No!! As I “never ever” (guess whose influence it is!) repurchase a perfume as I have to try so many options in my chotu-sa life 🙂 . But, yes at this cost, it is a good buy, so would suggest you lovely ladies to at least go and check it once.

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13 thoughts on “Zara Woman Rose Gold Eau de Toilette Review

  1. Haha… By rose gold i thought the fragrance will be rose… But the fragrance is citrus.. In a rose gold colored bottle.. Hihi silly me… Very nice and precise review…

  2. Thank you lovely ladies..I was not well and therefore could not reply earlier..It is really nice at the price..and I love zara stores!! ..<3

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