Zoya Nail Paint in Burke Review, NOTD

By Richu Sharma


I am here with a review again and this time it is Zoya. So let us see what this Zoya nail paint in Burke is all about.
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About :

Zoya is the healthy color of fashion.

Big 5 FREE formula (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toluene, Camphor, Di-butyl Phthalate. Vegan Friendly

About Burke:

Burke by Zoya can be described as a soft, dusky, light red mulberry with very subtle brick and mauve tones. An autumn berry for a classic look.
• Color family- red
• Finish- cream
• Intensity- 5 (1- sheer) (5- opaque)
• Tone -warm

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INR 450/- for 15 ml

My experience with Zoya Nail Paint in Burke:

So this is my first Zoya, thanks to all 5-free hype, I had to get one for myself to see what it is all about.I really like the way Zoya names the nail paints, most of them will not give you any clue about the color. Take Burke for instance, does it give a red vibe or pink or a blue vibe? I remember Grey’s Anatomy had one character Dr. Burke; any way it is strange, don’t you think.
Packaging is ordinary though the bottle is sturdy as compared to some of our locally available brands. Also, you get 15 ml of the product for the price you pay. The brush is thinner which I like because I have small nails and this allows better coverage. Two coats will give you an opaque creamy finish.
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The color is brick red with blue undertones.This could be a softer version of a bridal red or karwachauth red. When I applied it first, it went all streaky and I thought what have I gotten myself into, this isn’t supposed to be like this etc. etc. But then I applied a second coat and voila!! All my doubts were replaced by admiration  😉 and I loved how it turned up on my nails.

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When I wore this for the first time, it chipped the next day. I was very disappointed because after shelling out this much money, I expected this to stay for at least a week before chipping. I thought maybe it has something to do with ingredients since it is free of some major chemicals.

zoya burke nail paint notd
The second time I applied it in proper salon mani style- applying a base coat, then first coat of color and waited for applying the second one too. Finally I finished it off with a top coat (I have a Rimmel one that acts as a top as well as a base coat). To my surprise, it stayed put for 8 days. I guess it will stay longer if used with a Zoya base and top coat.
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The best part about this I think is the feeling that you are wearing something that isn’t doing any harm to your nails while beautifying them. And it is vegan- friendly.

Pros of Zoya Nail Paint in Burke:

• Big -free formula (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toluene, Camphor, Di-butyl Phthalate.
• Vegan-friendly
• Lovely color
• Two coats give you an opaque finish
• Brush is good quality
• Quantity is good for the price

Cons of Zoya Nail Paint in Burke:

• Availability is a major issue.

IMBB rating: 5/5
Will I buy Zoya Burke Nail Paint again?

Totally yes, I am so eager to try out more shades from Zoya.

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