L’Oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray Review

by Valarie on January 15, 2014 · 11 comments

L’oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray

Hello IMBB Ladies!

Our hairstyle really makes a difference on how we look. It can emphasize assets on our face or can draw away attention on some areas. Changing hair color on the other hand can enhance our looks, can bring brightness to our face or just satisfy our wants for something new from time to time. And I know those changes makes us feel good right? But no matter what hairstyle and hair color we may have, it is important for us to put effort on making our hair healthy or at least appear healthy. I am very glad to share with you a review on this hair product I am so happy I’ve tried and used. The Loreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray.


On L’Oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray label:

Loreal Nourishing Leave-In
Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray provides a dual action care that instantly helps shield color from dulling while infusing nourishment and conditioning shine. It helps protect hair from heat damage up to 230 degrees Celsius. Hair is soft, colour is radiant.
Proven Results: Nourished hair, Radiant colour. Heat protection up to 230 degrees Celsius.
Directions: Shake well before use. Spray evenly on damp or dry hair.
UV Filters and Anti-Oxidant
Enriched with UV Filters and antioxidant, this formula nourishes the hair while enhancing its shine, leaving the hair fibre soft and radiant. It protects hair against heat damage so hair color is left radiant.


My Take on L’Oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray:

During the winter season, I cannot go out of our house with wet hair. It will freeze! So I have to blow dry at times I have no more time to let it dry on its own. That’s so damaging to the hair but what can I do? Living in with sub-zero weather, yeah, must not be easy.So I need some sort of help to at least protect my hair from harsh blow drying. I also want something that will protect my hair color and keep it nice longer. So I got this Loreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray which comes in a red translucent spray bottle. The bottle has 150 ml of product in it and glad I did not experience spills when I bring it along with me when I travel.


The scent is fresh which reminds me of melon or cantaloupe with a hint of floral notes to it. It smells not overpowering and it stays the whole time, until I wash my hair. If you’ll look into the bottle closely, you’ll see two layers of liquid inside. And one has to shake the bottle prior to use. I bet the layer at the bottom is some kind of oil because when I forget to shake the bottle, I get the bottom layer which is oil-like in slick and consistency. The one at the top is more like water.


I use this whenever I have to blow dry my hair and I am expecting my hair to be so dry by now but I believe this spray is doing a good job at keeping my hair healthy. I also use this on my dry hair. I have thick, wavy, coarse hair and this spray does a good job in keeping my hair manageable. It removes that unnecessary volume. My hair is super voluminous and I am glad this spray was able to tone it down. It tames my waves as well. It leaves a nice, healthy shine on my hair without weighing my hair down. It is so lightweight on hair and does not feel oily and greasy. I’ve been letting my hair down more often because of this Loreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray.


What I Like About L’Oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray:

-Fresh scent I love that last a very long time.
-It has water-like consistency that does not feel greasy or sticky.
-Protects hair from heat and UV rays
-Makes my hair manageable and it tames my waves superbly.
-Dries easily.
-Gives healthy shine on hair.
-Affordable. I got mine for $2 on sale. I am not sure but I believe it is being sold for $5 or more.

What I Don’t Like About L’Oreal Color Radiance Dual Protect Spray:


Final Thoughts:

I so love this product for being protective of my hair from the damaging effects of blow drying and it really helped a lot in making my hair soft, smooth, manageable and healthy looking.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

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