10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush!! The Beauty Tool You Never Knew Existed!!

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What? You want to know my reason for such greeting? Come on, play with your mind. Little bit, little bit more, No? Al right, I anyway suck at keeping a suspense for long inside my tummy πŸ˜› For the past week, only two things have been trending, for us females at least, DDLJ and GOSF. So while I was watching DDLJ yesterday on its 1000th anniversary, I was excitedly looking at the shipping status of all the loads of makeup that I have shopped. This time, saving was truly worth it, because the deals were, to be honest, and to find a better word, mind blowing and simply fantastic. I have absolutely no qualms about spending money this time, because all of it was worth the bucks that I had saved.

After the chit chat about the latest trends, let us come to the topic of today’s article, which obviously you have had a look at – “Toothbrush.” It is a necessity, and a basic tool in our lives, that we obviously use to brush our teeth, and replace after a few months for another. But, but, but… Did you know? That this seemingly inexpensive tool, used just for a basic purpose, can also be utilized in a variety of beauty deeds. No? So ladies, I present you, a new beauty tool, and telling you a few of the many uses, that you can put it to, in your beauty regimen. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

1. Exfoliate your Lips:

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

The very first, and a very basic usage, which many of us know, but hardly any of us actually does. We will spend days hunting for that perfect gentle scrub, or to make that perfect home remedy, which we dislike because of the taste, lest it accidentally goes inside our mouth, through our lips, but we do not look at our humble friend. Every day, after you have brushed your teeth, and your lips and toothbrush are still moist, rub it gently on your lips. It will exfoliate your lips, take away the dead skin, and revive you of the sleepiness. Pout away, your lip color will always be smooth now.

2. Exfoliate your Underarms – It Curbs undergrowth:

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

Before you say ewww, let me just clarify. Keep separate toothbrushes, for separate uses, i.e., for each one of the uses that I will be stating here. Toothbrushes are gentle yet scrubby enough for the gentle underarm skin. And all of us know, that for clear skin, be it your face or your underarms, regular and correct exfoliation, does wonders. Plus, if you shave, like I do, then scrubbing with a toothbrush will do away with the stubborn undergrowth. So, just pour your shower gel on the toothbrush, and exfoliate those dead cells.

3. Exfoliate Knees and Elbows:

The hard skin needs pampering too and most of us Indian beauties have darker knees and elbows. Instead of always covering them up and being shy of exposing, use a toothbrush to exfoliate daily. It will not show immediate results, I admit, especially, if it is stubborn darkness, but it will definitely improve and smoothen the skin there.

4. Exfoliate and Moisturize Heels and Cuticles:

Here’s what I would suggest. Dip your finger nails into warm water, with a few drops of body wash mixed. Then, scrub the cuticles with the toothbrush. Do the same for cuticles of your feet. Spray with rose water and finish off with body lotion. Do this every alternate day, if not daily, and your hands and feet (including cuticles, which dry a lot, especially during winters) will be so soft and smooth that you will not need separate hand creams. Just one daily after bath body cream/lotion would suffice. Also, you can apply Vaseline or likewise gel to your cuticles using a toothbrush, and leave overnight.

5. Exfoliate your Nose:

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

Face the fact, when you are going on a trip, you cannot take each and every product that you use in your daily skin care regimen. In that case, if you are unfortunate enough to have oily-blackhead prone skin that needs mild exfoliation daily, toothbrush comes in as a savior. After all, most of the exfoliation is needed on the nose, to get rid of the roughness and whiteheads and/or blackheads. Use your cleanser, exfoliate on the still soapy nose and wash off. What you get is clear skin, ready to be prepped and moisturized.

6. Wash your Combs, Hair Brushes, Epilator and Razors:

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

This one is very important from the hygiene purpose. We often wash our hair brushes and combs with just soap/shampoo, thinking that all the dirt has gone. But no, often, there is some dirt from the scalp stuck between the teeth. The bristles of the toothbrush are fine enough to reach and pull that dirt out, when the comb/brush is slippery with soap/shampoo. So next time you wash your comb/brush, use a toothbrush for thorough cleaning. Same goes for your razors and epilators, where tiny hair or the dirt from exfoliation of your skin is stuck. Use a toothbrush to clean it all.

7. Lash Brush? This works just as fine:

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

You need to separate the lashes before you curl and apply mascara? There it is, your β€œsasta and tikau” toothbrush. A wet toothbrush works just as easily as a lash brush, to groom and separate your lashes prior to other makeup steps. Also, if you have put too much mascara, by mistake, then wipe a toothbrush on your mild makeup removal wipe, just to give a little wetness, and curl your lash with it, once. It will take off the excess mascara.

8. Eyebrow Grooming? I can do that too:

Moisten your eyebrow and the skin underneath, using your daily cream or moisturizer, and just stop massaging a bit before it gets completely absorbed, so that a mild greasiness stays. Use a toothbrush to then comb your eyebrow into its natural shape, in a tidy manner. Pat away the rest of the greasiness, now define your brows. Β You can even replace the cream in the step with a moisturizing primer, but if you are oily skinned, use it (moisturizing primer) just for the eyebrows.

9. Fly-Aways? Not a problem:

My sister can vouch for the fact, that when you have mastered that perfect bun, for an evening out, and a sophisticated one, mind you, nothing can horrify you more than the random fly-aways that start to find their way out on your forehead, robbing you of that distinguished look. Take a toothbrush, wet it with your hair spray or serum, and comb back your hair after you have made your bun. Your fly-aways will be tamed, and you can have your Cinderella night, sans the midnight stroke. πŸ˜‰ Β Tame those flyaways, unless you don’t want to look like this baby. (Although I know he/she is super cute even with those fly aways, but trust me, we won’t be lucky with that cuteness. πŸ˜› )

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

10. Bring out your inner artist and spray your nails:

Have you tried spray painting at school, using a toothbrush? Please tell me you have. It was so much fun, like just spraying and creating those marvelous dots in the background. Try it on your nails. You will never have more fun. Oh, of course, don’t forget to use something as a stencil, lest you want the design sprayed on your fingers too. πŸ˜‰

10 Beauty Hacks with a Toothbrush

As I always say, a toothbrush is probably the most underused tool. And I am glad, that we in the world of beauty are the only people who have devised so many secret beauty uses, within our four walls of home and blogs. Had the makers known that this is our secret beauty weapon, they would have increased the prices long back. So next time, don’t just buy one, get at least 5 tooth brushes, and have fun with these in a multitude ways. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  1. That’s a great one .. Sooo many tips I dint knew about πŸ™‚ exfoliation for lips was known but underarms ke liye was a new discovery .. Gonna try these πŸ™‚

  2. Thnx Kadambri for such a nice post…..
    I hv been using toothbrush for exfoliating my nose, lips and even for exfoliating dead skin on my face with very soft brush, i m also using it to clean my comb since i was in class 9 (my mom taught me this)…. M glad to know more benefits of toothbrush here…. πŸ™‚

    1. I am glad that you found it useful heena πŸ™‚ Even I got to know the comb cleaning hack from my ma, long back πŸ™‚

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