10 Easy Weight Loss Secrets Your Nutritionist Wants You to Know

By Chanchala Bose

Hi girls,

Weight loss is one of the most searched, discussed and researched topics of all times. Still there is a lot of confusion and doubts regarding weight loss. Since random advice from random people is not safe, today I’m listing down some weight loss secrets that even nutritionists swear by. Let’s take a look at these easy weight loss secrets in this post.


Eat slowly

Nutritionists suggest you to eat slowly. Eating slow ensures that you chew the food nicely. Once you chew the food nicely, it gets digested better. Also, slow eating ensures that you know when your tummy gets full and when you need to stop.

Give in to your cravings once a week


Did you know you are more likely to indulge and overeat if you keep ignoring your cravings? It is always better to consume your favorite dessert or have a cheat meal once a week. This way, you will try your best to eat clean throughout the week and your cravings will remain under check.

Replace one meal with a smoothie

This is the golden rule. Similar meals can be quite boring, hence you try to indulge in fast foods. Why not replace one meal everyday with a smoothie? This will satiate you, provide nutrition and add some variety to your diet.

Enjoy your wine


Yes, I know you should cut down on alcohol when you are trying to reduce weight, but a glass of red wine can help you lose weight. As per a new study, a glass of wine is equal to an hour of workout; which means, it provides many health benefits.

Diet plans differ

Remember, don’t follow the same old diet pattern as your friend. Everybody has different body and every body has different needs. Hence, get a dedicated diet plan made for yourself.

Look for a company

It is scientifically proven that when you exercise or diet with a fitness buddy, then you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Look out for a friend who is as determined as you when it comes to losing weight and get started with them.

Ice cold water


Yes, you read it right. A glass filled with ice cold water a day will burn up to 100 calories a day. Ice cold water is really calorie-bursting and ensures that extra fat doesn’t get deposited.

Travel with a snack

Starving yourself is never a good idea. So, carry a healthy snack with yourself whenever you can. Eat it when you feel hungry; otherwise, you might end up stuffing yourself with something unhealthy.

No healthy sugar

Nutritionists believe that there is nothing called “healthy sugar”. All sugars are unhealthy. Hence, eat all sorts of sugars in moderation or avoid them completely.

Be happy


If you are not happy with what you are doing, then it will reflect on your skin and health. Hence, you will eventually give up both exercise and diet. Hence, try to be happy with your regimens. Eat good meals and exercise regularly for optimum results. Remember, moderation is the key.

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