Chinese Beauty Secrets

Have you ever wondered why Chinese women have such porcelain skin? Well of course genes play a large role and so does the climate your skin is exposed to. But there are many age-old secrets to keep the skin that way, tips that can enhance what you have got.Here are some simple beauty secrets from China:

In China, they emphasize that liver plays an important part to keep skin healthy and problem-free. Of course there is some science behind it…the liver detoxifies our blood hence any liver troubles will result in blood that could be full of toxins. A clean blood is equal to a clean clear skin.You can indulge in a detoxifying diet once a week which cleanses the liver. OR may be go on a fluid diet for one whole day once a week. Needless to say, skip junk food, do not smoke or eat junk food.

Chinese women  believe in the magic of a  good massage to promote blood circulation. Facial massages are popular in the Chinese culture to reduce puffiness and promote cell regeneration. You can do the same by giving yourself a facial massage. Start at the ears and collarbone, move upwards to the chin and jawbone  rubbing upwards in a circular motion. You can of course add your own facial cream or oil for the purpose. Remember to rub skin upwards, never downwards.

I had heard this for the first time long long time ago and I was mighty impressed-use of egg whites to tighten skin and make it wrinkle-free.Use plain egg white for 20 minutes and wash off. Do this often to get firmer supple skin.

Mint leaves are also a major part of Chinese skin care.See more mint packs HERE.


Chinese tea and green tea are a favorite for weight loss and anti-ageing properties.  Green tea is rich in catechins and it is an anti-oxidant and it also strengthens the immune systemh.

Pearl powder is also used mixed with oyster shell powder and honey and egg yolk.  This is believed to calm down the skin and also reduce inflammation.

Chinese herbs called adaptogens are also included not essentially in the diet but as part of a medicinal use there.  Reishi mushrooms and Schizandra are two herbs known and believed to keep the youth preserved. Tremella is also another herbal medicine which is used as a skin conditioning agent.Application of this snow fungus keeps skin hydrated.

Something called beauty acupuncture is also now adapted from Chinese treatments.These tiny needles work only at the skin surface without any pain and these could actually help you erase dryness, winkles,  even oiliness and pigmentation, when targeted at the right acupuncture points.


Lastly, a potent concoction of rice water is also applied to the skin by the Chinese women. You can make it too!  Soak unpolished rice in a distilled water and stir till you get  a milky white mixture. Your natural toner is ready and this can be applied with cotton balls on the skin.

So which tips would you like to inculcate in your regime from tomorrow?

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10 thoughts on “Chinese Beauty Secrets

  1. Nice post…I have seen Chinese girls have really bright and beautiful skin..they don`t even suffer from the acne or pimple..and they don`t even get tanned like i get to know the secrets..thanks…but one thing i must say..i really don`t like those tiny eyes of Chinese

  2. Tell me about it Neha..I travel to China quite often..recently I went to Shanghai…and every time i go there I am completely awed by their skin and I ask them the secret…they always say that they do not do anything special…but I think apart from the reasons u have mentioned I think its the eating habits that also play a vital role…they hardly consume any oil…they eat everything boiled (noodles with veggies, meat) and after every meal they consume green tea which flushes out the toxins…

  3. I have alwayss wondered why chinese women are soooo beautiful….and I have read somewhere that chinese people eat a lots of seafood which is rich in antioxidants and proteins and they take boiled and steamed food. Their eating habits is one the reasons behind their fitness and beauty…!!

  4. Hi there! I have been following your blog through ‘bloglovin’ for a while and I like your posts a lot. For this post, I think you did a very good job and hit some key points. I am a Chinese girl and I bet you a loooot of Asian girls have skin problems. But you are quite right about some points, like drinking green tea (or Oolong, Puer), using pearl powders, eatting healthy food…But I think the most important thing we do is ‘sunscreen’! We have always been adoring pale skins and we do everything we can to block sun rays. Sunscreens, umbrellas, physical sunscreens like wearing long sleeves. Nothing is more important to maintain beautiful skins than doing a good job of blocking sun rays.

  5. hehe…so surprise that Indian gals r interested with chinese beauty secrets, whereas I am obsessed with Ayurveda!! (I’m a Chinese gal studied at Assam.) 😛 *duh*

  6. Thanx for the tips..but i wanna know what these chinese women do to keep their liver healthly..i have a lot of impurities in my blood hence unhealthy skin..also i have a problem of harmonal imbalance and irregular periods.

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