Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

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They don’t age, they have the longest life span and also the lowest obesity rate in the whole wide world. Yes they are the Japanese women. There is something about Japan that intrigues all of us. It could be their porcelain skin or maybe their waist line. In today’s post I will tell you how these women keep all the weight problems at bay and remain healthy for the longest time?

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Keep the portions small and colorful

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Make a habit of eating smaller portions at a time. Use smaller sized plates instead of the bigger ones. Japanese like their food to have a visual appeal. They like to include all the reds, greens, yellows, whites and blacks in one single meal. So try to take a cue and say yes all the colors of fruits and vegetables.

Bread is replaced by rice

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

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Rice is a low fat complex carbohydrate which helps to keep you full for longer intervals. A small bowl of rice has lesser calories than 2 slices of bread. Japanese replace their breads with small portions of rice with no butter or oil.

No fad diets

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Japanese women are very particular about what they eat. They believe in healthy eating and a stress free life. They do not believe in fad diets or any such concepts. They are not inspired by western countries for crash diets. And you shouldn’t too.

Green tea

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Green tea has tons of benefits. Everyone should have it instead of their usual tea. It is rich in antioxidants, very low in caffeine and calories, keeps your stress levels down and also frees your mind from anxiety. So incorporate green tea in your diet like the Japanese women!


Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Their meals are high in veggie content. They also have the most delicious side dishes made of vegetables only. Incorporate them into each meal including breakfast too. Eat different colors of vegetables to all the nutrients and benefits from each of them.

Replace red meat with fish and soy products

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

They live such a long life because their hearts are healthy. They have Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of salmon, mackerel, or fresh tuna. If you are a vegetarian like me then you can have tofu which has very high protein content. You can also incorporate soy milk in your diet which is really great for the skin.

Light dinner

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

Heavy meals are difficult to digest and could be upsetting for the stomach. They don’t eat until they are full like we do. They practice of ‘hara hachi bu’ meaning filling the stomach up to only 80%. They also do not finish their meals with a round of calorie laden deserts. They prefer green tea or fresh fruits.

Walking their way to fitness

Diet and Fitness Tips from Japan

They don’t drive as much and they don’t spend hours in the gym trying to break a sweat. They just believe in plain old walking. Spending less time in vehicles and more on the feet is a great way to stay in shape and be active.

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  1. It was interesting reading all this Vandana. They don’t do anything extraordinary, just simple things even with that much technology around. Glad I include a lot of veggies and green tea in my day. Need to work on portion control, though.

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