10 ELF Nail Polishes Review

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Today, I have an amazing collection of nail polishes to review. In total, there are 10 nail paints in the long plastic bar box. This collection holds a matte, two glitter, three shimmer and remaining four are just regular ones. Let’s get straight to the pictures with respective description.

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review1

Product Description:
Revolutionary bristle design glides color on flawlessly. Quick dry formula for no-mess application and infused with active Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

$10 for 10 Nail paints. The net wt. is 5 ml each.


10 ELF Nail Polishes Review2

These come in a very small bottle with name of the shade at the bottom.

My Experience with ELF Nail Polish:

I really had fun experimenting with each & every shade in this collection. I really like the size of the bottle (not a standard size) which I can hopefully try to finish before it dries out. One coat is good enough for each & every nail paint. I am also really impressed by the price for the whole collection which is just $10 for 10 shades. Individually, these nail paint comes with the price range of $2 each. The consistency of the each one is very good – not at all runny & it dries out pretty quick also.

Wedding Bells

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review3

It’s a lightest shade in the collection & my favorite too. I like how it suits my skin color as it is more of a whitish pink tone. Definitely a spring/summer color and it’s a good formal color to wear.

Pot of Gold

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review4

This shade has been named very aptly! It’s a nice color with a hint of gold shimmer in it.

Gold Star

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review5

These have a good size of gold glitter in it. At times, it is difficult to apply this color evenly on every finger as the glitter size is really big. I like to pair it with the other shades of nail polish. The staying power of this glitter nail polish is very good. The glitters don’t rub or shed away, but to this it has a negative also which is the clear removal of glitters. The normal routine of nail polish remover doesn’t work on it. That’s why I prefer the limited show of this color on my fingers.

Smoking Hot

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review612

It’s a classic tomato red. I love to wear it a lot especially when I am wearing Indian wear. It is a smoking hot color which is suitable for all the seasons of the year.

Opi Malaga Wine

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review7

A beautiful dark red color. I usually wear it in winters. It’s a staple color, I am sure everybody in there vanity owns this family of color. I like to combine it with the gold glitter nail polish. It is my go-to combination for parties.

Misty Haze

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review8

To me it looks more like steel grey color. This is a color I would like to wear in winter season.

Liquid Metal

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review9

It’s a beautiful shimmery silver color. As the name says, it actually looks like melted silver on the nails. Again a nice color to play with.

Chic Confetti

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review11

The shade in the bottle looks to me like a celebration. The little sparkle of blue, silver, red, green makes it fun to wear. The size of the glitter is less compared to the golden one and as a result, it is more manageable to apply. Like the golden one, I like to apply this with combination of different nail paint.

Sea Escape

10 ELF Nail Polishes Review10

This one is the darkest of the lot. I rarely wear it, which is during winter season, because it looks more black than blue. There is a little shimmer in it if you see it closely and in sunlight it looks blue. It is a nice color, but somehow doesn’t look that great on my fingers.


10 ELF Nail Polishes Review

I really like the addition of matte nail paint in this collection as it is fun to experiment it with different shades of nail paint. Matte coat does give a different look to any regular nail paint. It also helps to seal the color for longer durability.

Pros of ELF Nail Polish:

• Price is just $1 each
• Good quality applicator/brush, applies well
• It doesn’t chip that easily depending upon the number of coats applied
• Nice glossy finish
• Nice packaging
• A decent range of light to dark shades

Cons of ELF Nail Polish:

• The golden glitter one (Gold star) is a little chunky to apply
• Not available in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend ELF Nail Polish?
Yes! I found these in Target & Wal-Mart, so if you also see these, then do buy.

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  1. Pot of gold, gold star and misty haze are my favorite here! They seem really good and are so inexpensive. Even Sea Escape looks good, why do you think it does not suit you? 🙂

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