6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish Review

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Like a year has seasons, I have phases which I undergo at different times of the year 😛 One such phase is the nail polish hoarding phase. 😀 Recently I posted my review on Color Show polishes. Today I will review the much raved Street Wear ones that are a hit among the masses, especially among the college goers. New range of shades, revamped packaging (just those cute girly stickers attached) did seem to work out for Street Wear. Anyone like me can be easily lured into buying cute looking stuff, like it happened with these. I picked some Color Show ones along with six of these as well.

6 Street wear color rich nail

Let me break the ice – These nail paints are ah-mazingg! Many shades to choose from, a very beautiful consistency for the given price tag. What more can a girl ask for, to beautify those tips of hers. 😉


60 INR




25 Spill the beans
42 Fairytale Romance
38 Saucy Orange
34 Dragonfly green
29 Blue satin
12 All you need

My Experience with 6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish:

These nail polishes were my favorites until the Color Show made their debut after which they were flung at the back of my drawer. Recently they launched some new shades and stuck some cute girl characters’ pictures, which made me get them again. I must say, it is a good comeback. 🙂

6 Street wear color rich nail

Packaging: It is the same as the previous nail paints. A cute square bottle with a black cap; only that it has girl characters’ stickers. It is travel friendly and the cap is sturdy. The brush is a little thin, fans out evenly on the nails. I found out that all the brushes are not the same; some are thin and some are okay. Shade names are mentioned on top of the cap along with shade numbers. The names are quirky and interesting.

Consistency: The consistency is also laudable, it is not as thick as Color Show ones, but not too runny either. Light shades go sheer in one coat, darker shades are better. Two coats are needed to make it completely opaque. I found the consistencies of those with shimmers runnier than those without.

Staying power: I am impressed with the lasting power, as it fared awesomely on mine. The shine and grace of the last coat disappears a day after the application, which is sad. But the nail paint stayed almost a week without any chipping sans the top coat. With chores it may last lesser than that. For the price, it is definitely appreciable.

Dying time: The first coat dries in a minute; I would suggest you leave about 15 minutes gap before applying the next coat to avoid interference. It does take a while to dry before it sets.

25 Spill the beans:

6 Street wear color rich nail

This is a lovely n*de shade with silver shimmer. It is a perfect nail paint for any day, come summers, winters or rain. It is superb for work as well when you want a ‘barely there’ look.

42 Fairytale Romance:

6 Street wear color rich nail

This is a bright neon pink shade, with coral hints. It is perfect for summers. But I use it all the time for my feet, since it instantly brightens up my toes. This is a must have in one’s kitty. My personal favorite #1.

38 Saucy Orange:

6 Street wear color rich nail

A bright orange shade that is fit for the summers. It instantly brightens up your nails, and your mood as well.

34 Dragonfly Green:

6 Street wear color rich nail

This is my favorite one among the lot. It’s a summer shade, but I don’t hesitate to paint this on my tips anytime, any day. It is a calm green shade that suits only fair skin tones. My personal favorite #2.

29 Blue Satin:

6 Street wear color rich nail

Blue Satin is a cool blue shade with tons of silver and light blue micro shimmer in it. Those who adore shimmer in their paints are gonna love this one. Personally I don’t like this one, since it looks more silver than blue.

12 All you need:

6 Street wear color rich nail

If you’re looking for a subtle gold nail paint I would definitely recommend this one. It is an extremely pretty gold shade, with tons of gold micro shimmer in a gold base. This one is just perfect for weddings and parties, and doesn’t look over the top. My personal favorite #3.

Pros of 6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish:

  • Cute packaging,
  • Wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Staying power is awesome.
  • Decently priced.

Cons of 6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish:

  • Brush could have been better.

IMBB Rating:


Would I recommend/repurchase 6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish?

I would definitely recommend to all girlies, especially college goers for these paints are a steal. I wouldn’t repurchase these for now, since I already have most shades in my kitty and need to empty them. 🙂

Ciao next time 🙂 Take care.

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25 thoughts on “6 Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish Review

  1. Your picks are really nice, especially fairy-tale romance ♥♥♥ Vaise how do you manage to grow your nails that long? I want long nails toooo 🙁

  2. The brushes are really pathetic. i own two of them- Dragonfly green and Risque red and both have faulty brushes. i love both the colors but due to the brushes i always end up having a bumpy and uneven manicure.

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