ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

ELF makes two types of eye shadow primers. One is the eyelid primer which is just about a dollar and the other is the mineral eye shadow primer. I decided to try the mineral eye shadow primer since the normal eyelid primer seemed to have very bad reviews.

What does ELF say about the Mineral eye shadow primer?

This gentle and completely sheer Eyeshadow Primer has key vitamins A, C and E to help prevent aging and moisturizes the skin. The formula glides on easily and disappears instantly to create longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow. The Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is designed to be used with your favorite mineral eyeshadow to provide ultimate staying power for beautiful and vibrant color that lasts. 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

Price: $3. Can easily get it off e-bay and the Eyes Lips Face website . 🙂

What I think about the ELF eye shadow primer?
This is part of the ELF mineral line which is really popular and also supposed to be great in quality.
I’ve read sooo many reviews stating that this one is a super duper replacement for the king of eye shadow primers a.k.a Urban Decay Primer Potion. And guess what? It really is!!

I really loved the fact that this is paraben-free and contains no preservatives or harmful chemicals. Way to go ELF . 🙂

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

Let’s take a look at the packaging. It looks more like a lip gloss tube with the same sponge tip applicator. There is just one shade which is called “Sheer”.

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review
Texture-wise it’s pretty much similar to Urban Decay Primer Potion and is really really smooth and silky. Literally vanishes on my eyelids and no residue or hint of colour.
I just apply very less of it on my eyelid and blend with my fingers. Sinks in almost immediately and effortlessly!

ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

About the eye shadow colour popping? Yes, it does make my eye shadows vibrant.

Do they stay put? They stay put all day long. I mean, I just start to see very very less creasing at the corners of my eyes after a good 8 hours! Isn’t that just awesome?

This one even holds the mediocre quality eye shadows really well. I’ve tried this with MAC, Maybelline, Smashbox, ELF and NYX eye shadows and all of them stay put. 🙂

I have oily eyelids and this one helps to retain my eye shadow longer and also, I don’t have to worry about my eye makeup running all over the place . 🙂
ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

I definitely need an eye makeup remover/oil at the end of the day to remove my eye make-up.

What I like about this eye shadow primer?

  • Affordable and very comparable to high end eye shadow primers.
  • Easy, hygienic and practical tube.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Makes eye shadows pop and makes them stay put the whole day. 🙂
  • Contains no harmful dyes or chemicals and paraben-free.

What I dislike about this eye shadow primer?

Will I re-purchase this again? Hell Yeah . 🙂
To conclude, if you are looking for an inexpensive eye shadow primer, that is mineral based, contains no  preservatives, chemicals etc. and also performs as good as the high end ones, then this one is for you.

I totally recommend this for everyone especially if you have oily eyelids and I am sure you‘ll like it.  And while buying, please DO NOT confuse this with the ordinary eye shadow primer. Look for this one in the “ELF Minerals” range 🙂 . I hope my review helps.

Have u tried this before? What is a current favourite eye shadow primer? Please rate in the box below.

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71 thoughts on “ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

  1. Hey Appu, thanks for this review….I will surely check this out..ELF is available at a beauty store here so no need for online shopping…I am just wondering will the price be as attractive here…

    Can def see the difference in the way the e/s looks with and w/o the primer

    1. Yeah HD, do try it out. It’s really nice 🙂 even if it is slightly costly, U can still try it…it’s worth it…makes a huge difference in the e/s.

  2. Wow looks awesome 🙂 Very helpful for me. The difference in the eyeshadow after the primer applicationis very obvious. Nice review Appu 🙂

    1. Hi Shopcoholic,

      Even I found UPDD to be really expnsive. Saw some youtube videos and found out that this is a good replacement. Try it out 🙂

  3. This looks like a great product, Appu. I guess my paint pot is not getting over in another 6 months and by that time we’ll start getting elf in delhi also. I will surely give keep this mind the next time I want an eyeshadow base. This is so reasonable also. 🙂

        1. Yup…i tried it with a paint pot in shade called Rubenesque…its a shimmery peach…i could see creasing on my lids with that too 🙂

            1. Ya…I tried it with a bronzy eyeshadow…it doesn’t go well with all of them only say shades of browns/corals…not as versatile as painterly 🙂 Mayb it creased because of the shimmer…probably 🙂

                1. I’ve tried Rubenesque…nothing great about it…it’s kinda shimmery….I am planning to buy Painterly soon…there is one more called groundwork…it’s supposed to be a great brownish shade…might try that 🙂 have u tried the coral one…think its LE…not available anymore?

  4. Hey Appu,

    Such a timely review. I had got the eyelid primer from an online shop and was quite dissatisfied with the product as it was turning kinda chalky powdery when it dried. That was in summer (around April-May). I even told Rati that I didn’t like it. But before throwing it away, I decided to give it a second chance. Gave the bottle a good shake and tried it about 2 days back and voila..it worked. Maybe the climate has brought it back to normal?? I was surprised 🙂

    Thought I would use it continuously atleast twice or thrice before I posted a review..yay!!

        1. yeah, I agree. I have heard a lot of good stuff about their concealers also but since we on’t have it in delhi, it would be difficult to match the shade online.

          Just praying that NYX and ELF come to Delhi soon.. :pray:

    1. Glad it worked for you Poorni : ) I thought the eyelid primer is not as good as the mineral one…thats y i got this 🙂

  5. Hey Appu, I didnt know that primers could make such a difference…..I mean the with primer and without primer pic spoke for itself……..I am just starting to learn so much through you people….. 🙂

    1. Yes Jomol…makes a huge difference…with a primer as a base even the most sheer eye shadow can pop in colour 🙂

  6. Nice review and the before & after pics speak out loud for this product. Do you know where this is available? Also, does anyone know where we can find NYX products in India?

    1. Thanks Sabrina 🙂 I think ELF is available online…Rati might be knowing which stores they are available…same with NYX…if u want u can order NYX online through cherryculture.com….they ship to India 🙂

  7. I just tried the coral crepe at the store and it’s beautiful. it’s also the kind of colour that wouldn’t eat up most of the shades and would great for neutrals, yellow-greens and corals especially. I have so much painterly left with me that I wouldn’t have used it that much so i didn’t pick it up.
    Groundwork is great for neutrals but I have a feeling that since it’s quite a brown colour, you might not be able to use lighter shades. I will try to get hold of samples. It’s very confusing with paint pots. One wrong shade and then you’d be stuck with the huge pot that you wouldn’t even enjoy using..

    1. Ya, that too its so expensive…try to get samples 🙂 …mayb that’ll help better in my decision making too 😉 there is a cream eyeshadow palette which I have in Revlon called as “not just nudes”…all of the shades in that palette look like good dupes of paint pots…not sure abt the lasting power though 🙂

  8. Great review appu!
    I’ve tried UDPP, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Elf Mineral and Elf Regular. UDPP was the worst for me. It was too thick, my shadow didn’t blend at all..ugh…the lasting power was amazing though. TFSI is my fave and I use it now. Elf Mineral is as good as TSFI imho… regular is Ok… but overall taking price into consideration I think Elf Mineral is the best eye primer on the market.

    1. Thanks Devika 🙂 I’ve not tried TFSI…heard its damn good 🙂 i have that one, MAC paint pot in painterly…all these on my wish list after ELF lol 🙂 wonder how much I am gonna try 🙂 I think ELF minerals one is very comparable to UDPP 🙂

    1. yeah…besides the cute blue color, i love the fact that it comes in a tube. I depotted my UDPP and it totally dried in a month! total waste of $17!!!! i was so pissed….
      I haven’t tried painterly yet…i’m pretty embarrassed to admit this!

      btw I was curious…do you live in India or in the States? or dart back and forth 😛

        1. I do too! I’m a Georgia peach :P, what about you?
          Yup it’s me! I thought the avatar IMBB gave me made me appear a lil rude, since it was sticking its tongue out all the time!

  9. Haha true 🙂 U looking pretty in the pic 🙂 Do u have naturally straight hair or ?? Btw, I live in Chicago 🙂

    1. Haha..thanks. It’s all makeup 😛 (this is the only place I’ll get praise for saying that!)
      My hair is wavy, I got Japanese Hair Straightening in India. It didn’t work too well for me. The results vary from person to person. I paid 5000 rupees in India, which was a big bargain, since I had paid $300 in Atlanta back in 2007 for the same process.
      Ahhh…the windy city. It’s my dream to go to Northwestern someday…! Are you in school or working?

  10. Oh nice…hair treatments are much better in India compared to the US 🙂 anyday 🙂 I am married…am on the lookout for a job 🙂

  11. Awww…you’re so lucky… !
    What field are you looking for a job in?
    Did you know even though we’re in a recession women haven’t stopped spending on makeup? Does becoming a MUA or selling Mary Kay or Avon interest you at all? I was thinking of selling Avon, but have no time!

  12. Technically, I am supposed to be looking out for testing opportunities 🙂 Yeah MUA is a great option considering us make-up junkies 🙂 But the other stuff like Avon n all needs a hell lot of marketing skills and we should be a bit pushy like the other consultants which I am afraid that I am not! 🙂

    Yeah recession has done nothing to control shopping in anyways…we do the same shopping, just call it ‘budget beauty’ 🙂

  13. Hi,
    i just found this site, and it’s amazing. 😉
    I wanted to know, where can i find ELF makeup in INDIA?
    i am from Mumbai 🙂

  14. Hey Pooh,

    I am not sure where in Mumbai ELF can be found…you can order it via the EyesLipsFace website though 🙂 Also, another site called as The Makeup Mix Shop carries some of the ELF products..Hope that helps 🙂

  15. Hey guys any guesses where is it available in Bangalore?
    Used to be at all Health n Glow outlets but got removed :struggle:

    also they had a website that never worked for india!!

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