10 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Foundation

By Chanchala Bose

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Here I am back with a very common yet most searched about and discussed topic. Foundations are a staple in our beauty stash. The usage of foundations may vary from person to person but all of us own at least one in our stash. Foundation-related mistakes are as common as foundations themselves. So, in order to avoid such mistakes and for a flawless makeup base, follow these expert tips!

10 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Foundation

Correct lighting while testing the foundation

choosing the right foundation shade

Testing a foundation under different lightings is extremely important. And it is believed that the foundation oxidises within some time. So, you should test the foundation in store lighting, day lighting, flash lighting and likewise.

Wrong way of powdering the foundation

Most of us tend to powder the foundation as a habit than as a requirement. Most of the foundations these days are self-setting and do not require powdering. So, powdering will make your face look extremely dry and you will loose all the price you paid.

Creating a tan with foundation

a warm bronzer

Use a foundation similar to your shade and then top it with a warm shade of bronzer. This will give you a natural, sun-kissed look.

Very less research

Researching is extremely important before buying any product. There are tonnes of foundations available in the market and each of them does a different job and is meant for different skin type. So, be pretty sure before buying a foundation in terms of what you’re expecting out of that foundation.

Apply both on neckline and face

applying foundation on neck

Many women make this mistake. Your neck and face both have different shades, so make sure that you cover both your neck and face area while applying the foundation.

Change foundations with seasons

Many women stick to just one foundation and keep using it throughout the year. But you should not forget that foundations need to be changed as per the weather, because your skin changes drastically as per the seasonal requirements.

Proper blending

Blending the foundation is very important. Many of us use fingers to blend the foundation but it leaves lines and unkempt look on the face. Hence invest in good brushes and sponges if you want your foundation to appear seamlessly blended.

Wrong formula

types of foundation

Heavy coverage foundations are really very heavy and most of us don’t need that kind of heavy coverage on a daily basis. So you must use a light or medium coverage foundation. It is also easier to blend such foundations.

Correct shade selection

This is one of the most common mistakes with foundations. Women with fair skin assume that the lightest foundation is perfect for them and they buy it without even trying. So no matter what your skin tone or skin type is, it is essential to check the foundation type and shade thoroughly. At times, some foundations oxidise after setting so it’s always a good idea to have a trial.

Wrong texture


Women with oily skin choose to go with powder foundations whereas dry skinned people go with oil based foundations. But, the best one for both skin types is a water-based foundation. Not only it is light on the skin but also hydrating.

So that’s what experts all around the globe suggest when it comes to choosing the right foundation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. Hi Shikha…… So ooo nice of u. Must say it was much much awaited article, bcz from long days I was searching for some good brand and affordable Foundation. But no results…. I m pretty confused ?. I have combination Fair skin tone…. But easy prone to acne… White heads. So looking for some hydrating Foundation for winter.. Which covers pigments too…i hv little pimple marks left ?. And year red some where should b aware of store bought products too….. Thn where to buy in India. Can I order online…. Nykaa or Amazon ?. ????

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