10 Impressive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

By Priyanka Dixit

Hey beautiful ladies!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I already feel love everywhere. We all try to make it memorable and look for the best gifts for him. But the problem is that we do not get as many gift ideas for him. So, if you are also looking for a gift-guide to make your man feel special, just go by this list, and leave him very impressed!

Woman giving present to man

1. Perfumes

Fragrances can steal anyone’s heart. Gift your man a luxurious, branded perfume. Branded perfumes like Armani Code, Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein, Diesel Only The Brave, Vincent Valentine Paris, Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Davidoff Cool Water are every man’s favorite. You can choose even colognes.

2. Watches

men watch

Every man is unique and so are his preferences. Gift your man a branded wrist watch this Valentine’s. Go for branded watches by reputed brands, but keep his preferences and lifestyle in mind. Keep his mind if he’s more into sports or if he would require a watch for his business meetings.

3. Music Systems

If your man is a music lover, music-related products are the best options to pick. Some of the music appliances like earphones, headphones, speakers, iPod etc are loved by everyone. Else if he can play an instrument, gift him an upgraded version of whatever he plays – guitar, keyboard or whatever he might need.

4. Sports Equipments

If your man is into sports, then what better way to treat him than a good sports kit. He can always do with a new cricket kit or new soccer shoes. Men love it when we bestow them with gifts that they can actually use.

5. Apparel and Accessories

men outfit ideas

Whether your man likes you dress up or not, clothes is the best idea for him. You can buy different clothing items such as suits parties, denims, leather jackets for bike rides, casual t-shirt. Even a new track suit will be appreciated if he’s a gym regular. Along with clothes, don’t forget to include accessories that complement the clothes.

6. Romantic Gifts

couple pillowcases

Men are also romantic, and they too fall for romantic gift ideas whether they accept it or not. So, choose a love kit, lovopoly games, a digital photo key chain, a diamond ring, a stack of naughty night cards, chocolates, erotic novels, scented candles, couples printed pillow set, or treat him by donning a naughty nightwear. 😉

7. A Romantic Lunch or Dinner Date

Just surprise your man with a beautiful lunch or a dinner plan. Decorate your own home terrace or even bedroom for this romantic occasion. Create a romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers and heart shaped balloons. Don’t forget to order a lovely cake and make some delicious food, after all the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

8. A Bunch of Goodies

gift basket for men

This is another excellent gift idea for him. Collect different items like a red rose,  chocolates, a greeting card, a perfume, an expensive pen and some more things that he loves or wants and put it in a fancy basket.

9. Fitness Accessories

If your partner is a fitness freak, fitness equipments can prove to be the best idea for him. Jogging earphones, calorie calculator, heart rate monitor, fitness bracelets – the choices are endless.

10. Bags

Bags are needed by everyone – for office, for gym, for clubs, for hiking. So why don’t you buy him a super stylish and luxury bag?

stylish men's bag

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