10 Irresistible Makeup Hacks You Have Never Seen Before

Today, I would like to share all the realistic makeup hacks that I use on a daily basis.

how to apply lipstick

1. Coconut oil for liquid lipsticks:


Coconut oil is a saviour. Most people don’t use liquid lipsticks because they are too drying on the lips. I generally like to put in some coconut oil to prevent drying. You don’t need too much. Leave it on for 30 secs and let is absorb, then apply liquid lipstick, you can feel that after this, it goes on smooth on the lips and doesn’t even dry out your lips.

2. Clear brow gel as glitter glue:


Put some clear brow gel on your eyelid and take any glitter or loose pigment and put it on the top of the brow gel. It stays put and works perfectly as a glitter glue and you can totally save some money.

3. Ruler to Contour your nose:

Take a flat small eye shadow brush and a ruler! Yes, a ruler! And a bronzer. Take brush and dip it into a bronzer then put ruler onto the skinniest part of your nose and put on the bronzer, one line on both side and blend it out. Brush the leftover product down the nose. This makes it look a lot smaller and slimmer.

4. Get rid of the peach fuzz instantly:

People like to bleach or wax their peach fuzz before putting on their makeup and all I need is a fluffy powder brush. Do your complete makeup and take a fluffy powder brush and just brush those little hairs down the face, so you won’t see them anymore. This hacks is used by many makeup artist on many of their clients.

5. Metallic eye liner for metallic liquid lipsticks:

But you need to check the ingredients before, I use urban decay metallic eyeliner on my lips and its completely safe. I apply the eyeliner on to my lips and then apply liquid lipstick on the top and it makes it go on super smooth and doesn’t let your natural lip colour peek thru.

6. How to get a natural bronze goodness look:


You need a bronzer (I use mac’s give me sun or nars laguna bronzer) and you are only going to use this on your face, to contour, as an eye shadow. Remember not to put any blush. And you will get an instant natural bronze goodness look.

7. Coconut oil and bronzer to make a cream eye-shadow:

Put some coconut oil on the back of your hand, mix some bronzer into it. Apply on to your eyelid to achieve that wet eye-shadow look.

8. Honey as a face moisturizer:


Put on some honey on to your face and let it sit there for 5 10 mins and then wash it off before applying makeup. This creates a very beautiful canvas to work on. In fact, honey has anti-bacterial properties, that helps blemishes and acne to disappear soon. But remember to use organic honey only.

9. Using fingers to get even application of liquid lipstick:

Yes, it does sound gross, but it works! Put liquid lipstick on your finger and then apply on to the lips and remember to take as less amount of product as possible, to avoid creasing of liquid lipstick. To make it look more smoother, apply some lip liner and then go on with the liquid lipstick.

10. Q tip to remove the excess product:


I generally get cakey ness where I apply concealer (under my eyes, smallest area under the nose) to avoid that, just take a q tip and remove that cakey ness around that area or anywhere your makeup tends to cake up. This makes such a huge difference.

Bonus tip: 😉
• To achieve that Kim Kardashian contour look, use some loose powder and a beauty blender to make your contour look sharp and precise
• Use mixture brown sugar, olive oil and honey as a lip scrub.

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