10 Makeup Primer Facts You Absolutely Need To Know!

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Primer is not just an extra step in makeup application. Applying primer is an essential step as it gives a smooth base for you to work on, keeps your makeup intact for longer time, smoothes the skin and also cuts down that shine slick on your face. Let’s find out how you can maximize the efficiency of a primer.


1. Less is best
Don’t think that too much primer equals more flawless application of makeup; instead it would look uneven and patchy. A little quantity of primer is enough for your face and give your face some time to fully absorb it before adding the next step.


2. Keep your skin matte all day long
You just need a good silicone-based primer for this. Take a tiny bit of primer on your fingers and just pat it on gently in between the brows, on the sides of the nose, and the chin. This will keep your T zone completely oil free whole day long.

3. Prevent lipstick from bleeding
Your primer can also double up as a lip liner which will keep your lipstick from bleeding and it will stay for longer intervals. Just apply a bit of primer on your lips and let it set. Then apply your lipstick as usual.

4. Ideal for a nude look
If you want to achieve a natural no-makeup look, then just moisturize your face and use a good quality tinted primer. You will be good to go.

diifferent forms

5. Go for specific formulas while buying primers
Primers are not just something that you put underneath your makeup; they also come in different variants to tackle various skin issues. If you have a dull skin then go for light pink primers to add subtle glow, lilac to add a brightening effect and green formulas to neutralize the red areas on your face.

6. As an eye makeup base
A face primer can also be used as an eye primer. It prevents your makeup from smudging, fading or creasing by absorbing excess oils. It softens crowfeet and also counters redness!

7. To boost your lashes
Eye lash primers are a great invention to amplify sparse fringes and condition them. Just apply primer before you use your mascara for thicker and longer looking lashes.

glowing face

8. Powder between your primer and foundation
Apply your primer and then dust a lightweight translucent powder on top and then apply your foundation. This way your primer won’t slide off and your makeup will stay for all day long.

9. Use it on your brows
Take a small amount of primer and swipe it through your brows. Let it dry, and then apply the brow product of your choice. By doing this, your brow powder will stay for long without any smudges and budges.

10. Use as spot treatment
Do you feel that your concealer and foundation just don’t stay on that pimple on your face? Well you can dab a bit of eye primer on top of the problem area before foundation and concealer and seal everything with a powder on top.

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