Primer Hacks You Need to Know!

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Surely by now, you all know how primers can make our makeup look flawless and last longer? There are tonnes of varieties and options available. Today, I would tell you about some primer hacks to help you pick the best one for you according to your needs. Let’s start.

Primer Hacks You Need to Know1

The tint says it all
The tint of the primer is of prime significance in making or breaking your look. Dull skins need pink-toned primers to add a touch of glow, lilac shades can perk up sallow skin and green tints can neutralize redness or inflammation.

Less is more
Don’t pile up on your primer. A pea-sized amount spread evenly would work wonders.

Prime your eyes
A primer is a must for your eyes, as it curbs dryness and softens crow’s feet, prevents your kohl or eye makeup from smudging and hides darkness or redness.

Primer Hacks You Need to Know2

Eyelash primer
Yes, you do have eye lash primers which condition and amplify your lashes. Follow with 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara for long lasting eye definition.

Skip too many spot treatments
If acne troubles you, and you primer has anti-acne ingredients, then ditch your spot treatment before makeup. Too many products might irritate the sensitive skin.

Lip primer girls!
To prevent lipstick from feathering, bleeding or settling into lines, exfoliate and apply a lip primer. One that you use for your face can easily do the job!

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The magical trail
Follow this golden rule: primer—-foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream—-finishing powder. Without the final powder setting, the silicones in primers and moisture in foundations tend to repel each other. And it will soon wear off, without the protective dusting of a loose powder.

Primer for your other parts
Your décolletage would show great benefits if you use your primer here. Silicones in primers help to fill in fine lines, making you appear more youthful.

Primer Hacks You Need to Know4

I am sure these primer tips would help you add some extra edge to the makeup looks you try.

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