10 Rules For Applying Lipstick

Lipsticks are an integral part of any woman’s life, especially an Indian woman. It makes the face stand out, making the mouth look rich and refined, but how many times have we seen people do lipsticks wrong all the time. From the shade selection to wrong application, even a slight straying from the correct method reverses the whole effect. So, here are 10 rules that are necessary for lipstick applications!

1. Start Fresh.

start fresh

Always start with lips that are dirt and oil free. Cleanse them with oil and dirt removing wipes. Re-coating of pre-applied lipsticks should only be done if in absolute hurry and the last coat was applied less than 3 hours ago. Use lip balm whenever not using lipsticks, this will exfoliate them.

2. Too Much Sparkle is Never Good.

red glitter

Everyone likes lips that shimmer and shine, but it only looks good when light reflections come from the moisture on the lips rather than the metallic elements of the sparkly lipsticks. Also, these things that make lipsticks sparkle are dehydrating to the lips.

3. Right Shade of Bright.

bright lips

When choosing a bright shade of lipstick, it depends on your natural lip colour and not your complexion. Surprising, uh? Cherry, reds and corals look best on women with pale or light pinkish lips. Women who have lips with reddish pigmentation should try brighter colours such as hot pinks and oranges. For darker lips, brick red or burgundy suits best.

4. Nudes That Look Good.

Nude lipstick

The nude colour that will compliment you the best would be slightly brighter or deeper than your skin tone, otherwise it won’t stand out. If you are on the fairer side, then look for shades with undertones of pink. Those on the darker side, look for shades with undertones of brown – such as beiges.

5. Say No To Vampire Effect.

dark lips

Now, I know Indians have a tendency to prefer darker shades in lipstick, particularly because many have off-coloured lips and darker skin tones on which pastels don’t really look nice, but shades with blue or black undertones can look very severe, age the person and sometimes even look scary. Even if sticking to darker shades, stick to ones with berry or red undertones – such as browns, deep reds and some shades of purples (though purple lipsticks are quite difficult to carry).

6. No More Liners.

lip liner

Nowadays, lipsticks no longer bleed, so the lip liners are not that important anymore. If you want to enhance your cupid’s bow, add symmetry or just enhance your lip line, then chose a liner that best matches your lip colour rather than the lipstick shade.

7. Soften the Edges.

how to apply lipstick

While it is important that you carefully apply lipstick, it does not have to be very precise. Smudge the borders of your lips slightly to give that well-defined look, yet stopping your lips to look like someone glued them to your face!

8. Start in the Center.


Regardless of the shade of the lipstick, start applying in the middle of the lips (the lower, then the upper) and blend the colour out towards the corners of your lips using a brush. If you start directly at the corners then it would just make you look clownish.

9. Don’t Overdo It.


We do not want the matte effect of most lipstick to be very prominent, so we can just swipe some on the bottom lip and then pressing our lips together. Use your finger to distribute colour evenly over your mouth. This prevents a strong shade of lipstick form looking heavy.

10. Blot It Out!!

blot lips

Blotting is done to make the lipstick last longer and to minimise the matte effect of the lipstick. Apply lipstick, then blot using a tissue paper. Apply another coat of sheer lip gloss (or the lipstick if it is in liquid form). Blotting creates a base while the second coat added shine and coverage.

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