10 Styling Tips to Slim Your Silhouette

Hi ladies,

If we dress smart and put a little thought in what kinds of clothes we are wearing, we can instantly make our bodies appear more shaped. The key is to find the right kinds of silhouettes. Let’s find out some things that can help you achieve toned and slimmer look.

slim tips

1. V-Neck

If you have a heavier upper body then V-neck will create the appearance of a nice elongating vertical line, take away attention from your midsection, and gives the illusion of a slimmer upper body.

2. Medium, Structured Bag

Instead of going for the small bags which will make your body look bigger and oversized bags which can make you look slouchy; go for medium sized structured bags which will make you look perfectly proportional.


3. Right Fabric

Obviously fabric is the most important part when choosing your clothes. Fabrics like cotton, denim, and silk won’t add any extra bulk to your body while fabrics like velvet or leather may have a bulkier effect on your body.

4. Long Necklace

If you are short heighted then a slightly longer necklace will help you to give a stretched out appearance to the upper body.

5. Flutter Sleeves

If you are pear shaped then you can easily go for these kinds of sleeves. These sleeves add volume to your shoulders; make your waist look comparatively smaller and balance out the hips.

6. Nude Shoes

nude shoes fashion

Nothing elongates the body like a skin-colored shoe. Nude shoes give the appearance of a taller and slimmer you with really long legs!

7. Head-To-Toe Hue

If you want to appear thinner and taller then wearing a same coloured hue from head to toe will help you achieve that. It creates an uninterrupted vertical line from head to toe. You can break the monotony by adding a thin waist belt.

8. Belts

belt fashion

They are essential in every girl’s wardrobe. A belt can make even the slouchiest of dresses look great. a belt defines a waist and add dimension to it giving you a more toned appearance.

9. Boat Neck

I personally love boat necks. They can instantly provide proportion to the body by widening the shoulders and giving an appearance of toned waist and hip area.

10. Mask Problem Areas with Color

Black is a great colour to hide your flaws and to look super gorgeous. If you think you have a heavier lower body then wear black tights or jeans and go for a bright and vibrant top to go with it. All your flaws will be covered and your body will look more proportioned and toned in an instant.

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