10 Superb Skin Care and Makeup Tips for Monsoon

Skin care and Makeup Tips for Monsoon

It has been raining a lot in Kolkata after a long and extremely hot summer. Monsoon require a very different kind of regime in skin care, hair care or makeup. Here are some very easy tips on how to take care of your skin and hair, as well as the choices you should make in terms of makeup during the rainy season. Enjoy!

monsoon skin care tips

1) Be sure to wash your hair and take a bath in case you get soaked in the rain. Some of us love to get drenched in the rain while most of us can’t help it. As much as we love the natural showers, we cannot avoid the harmful chemicals that are there in the rain water. Remember that the skin is an organ of the body and whatever you expose it to is bound to be absorbed and get inside your body. Therefore, try to take a shower, preferably in lukewarm water, with a mild soap/shower gel. Be sure to use a body lotion afterwards because all this hydration is bound to make your skin drier.

2) Don’t forget your sunscreen. The scorching sunlight may not be there anymore, but the sun hasn’t gone down on us yet. We all need UV protection because the UV rays are always there. Be sure to apply sunscreen all over your exposed parts, including your feet, which tend to suffer most in the rains. If you wear translucent or thin clothes, be sure to apply sunscreen underneath. Be sure to gently rub the cream/lotion/powder till it gets fully absorbed into the skin. Remember that the SPF value stands for a standard amount of time you are exposed to the sun. So, an SPF 60 formulation will last about 3 hours after which you need to reapply. If you are using moisturizers and makeup with SPF on your face, apply an SPF 60 sunscreen as a base anyway since you cannot reapply sunscreen again in that region.

sunscreen monsoon
3) Avoid heavy/thick fabrics like jeans. Yes, even wearing clam-diggers can be a bad idea. If your jeans get soaked, the material weighs itself down. Since it sticks tight to your skin, it is easier for all that rain water to penetrate into your system. Wears skirts, palazzo pants, leggings etc so that you can pull up the fabric easily when you walk in the rain or have them dry faster when they get soaked. The more loose the fabric sits on your skin, the lesser chance for absorption.

4) Wear flat rubber shoes- boots, sandals etc. We all knew the importance and practicality of wearing rubber shoes right from the time we were kids. Since all the mud and the water is going to be slippery slop and uneven, it is better to step out in rubber shoes. Rubber shoes are also made exactly for this purpose which is why they aren’t prone to slipping, unlike plastic ones. Nowadays rubber shoes are available in many colors and designs. Also, by avoiding plastic you will be doing your bit for the environment.

monsoon shoes
5) Avoid leather handbags. Soaked leather is never a good idea. If you are the kind of person who prefers to carry large leather totes or handbags, remember that an umbrella can only cover so much. Go for bags made of some waterproof material.

6) Take extra care of your feet. Whether you wear boots or not, your feet suffer the most during the rains. Try to give them a contrast bath, some exfoliation and a heavy feet lotion every alternate night . Put on a pair of ankle-length cotton socks and go to sleep. Be sure to wash your socks before you wear them again!

7) For facial skin care, be sure to moisturize well. This goes even for those with oily skin. The more we strip our skin of its natural oils, the more we welcome the signs of aging. Moisturizing and cleansing are two sides of the same coin. Be sure to moisturize well a freshly cleansed face at the end of the day. Exfoliate at least once weekly.

8) Make sure all your makeup for the rains is waterproof. This goes especially for eye makeup. Water-based makeup is more easily soluble than oil/cream based ones. Powder is still the best way to go in the Indian climate. Remember that a little foundation when applied well with a damp sponge or a buffer brush(depending on its form) goes a LONG way. If you have done your primers- be it face or eye- well, chances are your makeup won’t give up so quickly on you. As for your lips, a wet glossy look is absolutely perfect for the weather. Unless you have a formal do, ditch the matte lipstick, or pair it with a fun shade of gloss. For eye shadows and liners again, cream is better than liquid, or in this case, powder. Mascara, of course, has to be waterproof.

fresh makeup

9) Try to wear colorful outfits and accessories. If it rains heavily and incessantly,it can get dull and boring. Try to liven things up with color. Neon colors are the new black. You can go for neon colors in your eye makeup too.

10) Always carry a hand sanitizer everywhere. We are the most productive and least careless with our hands. You might get your hands wet in the rain before coming to the office/college and go to touch up on your makeup without even thinking about cleaning your hands first. A dried-up hand does not a clean make. Never apply makeup without sanitizing your hands.

And that’s it! Be sure to remember all these tips whether you work or party this monsoon!

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  1. A very handy article!!
    I can relate to the leather carriage thing. It gets so heavy when soaked in rain and very irritating!!
    I went to Mussorie, exactly this time of the year, in leather boots and it all got messed up!

  2. Totally relate to all, but we tend to forget these…booooo!
    Sorry am speaking out of the topic, but I spotted Lakme Absolute Range brushes at a cosmetic store…waiting for the sneak peak and expert comments at your end 😀 planning to invest on brushes….

  3. Ladies please suggest me products for CTM routine and scrub too..i am new to this world of beauty..and moreover i dont want to experiment my skin with variety of products available out there..right now m using clean and clear facewash..imma teen and i have dry skin..suggest me products which are pocket friendly and easily available..;-)

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