10 Things Kids Must Learn Before Stepping Into The World Of Makeup

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How are you all? The New Year is here. It is time to start everything afresh with renewed enthusiasm and fresh hopes. The world is fast changing and so are our ways of thinking. Same is applicable for the kids too. Gone are the days when even college-goers had minimum interest and knowledge of makeup. Kids these days want to look like their favourite divas and are also conscious of their skin. But kids are kids after all, and they need someone to guide them into this. I think this article will help everyone to keep a note about the things they should tell the kids while talking of skincare and makeup.

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1. Skincare Comes before Makeup

Kids often tend to get allured by the makeup looks of the models and actresses. They try to get access of the makeup products that will make them look equally glamorous. Well, they should know how important it is to get a healthy skin first. A healthy, glowing skin is the basic requirement to rock any makeup look.

2. The Right Age

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Makeup products are generally loaded with chemicals. As kids generally have very tender and sensitive skin, it is not a very good idea to expose them to such chemicals. Primers, concealers are pretty heavy products and should be used once they attain adulthood.

3. Less is Best

Ok, I generally use 16 products along with different brushes to complete my makeup look. I am sure the perfectionists use a lot more. 😛 Now, a kid will be completely confused if they get all of them in the beginning years. Tell the kids about the essential products and also introduce them to the two-in-one stuffs (blushes that can be also used as eye-shadow, tinted lip balms that also replace lipsticks etc). Makeup will be easier and fun for them this way. They will eventually learn to incorporate more products in their makeup kit and become experts with passing years.

4. Choose Quality over Quantity

Kids often tend to get attracted towards the fake makeup products as they come at a very cheap price. They should understand how bad those products can be for skin. It is better to invest money on an eyeshadow duo by a good brand instead of a palate from a fake one. Also, learning to differentiate between original and fake is important as it will help to save both money and skin.

5. About New Experiments

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Kids have sensitive skin and products of certain brands may not suit their skin. To be on the safer side, it is better not to experiment with too many brands. Once they find something that suits their skin, it is better to stick to it. As the skin matures with age, newer brands can be tried and experimented with.

6. Alcohol Content in Products

Alcohol tends to make skin dry. It is always a good idea to avoid products containing high levels of alcohol. Before buying a product, check the alcohol content and skip it if it is present in a high percentage.

7. The S.A Does NOT Know Everything

I remember how I used to trust the SAs in the shops while buying skin care products and would take wrong decisions. Kids should learn not to trust the SAs blindly from the very beginning.

8. Covering Pimples could Give More Pimples

Most of the teenagers suffer from pimple and acne problems. Now, they often become very conscious and try to cover up the pimples using some heavy products. This habit clogs the pores giving rise to an even severe pimple break-out. Having pimples is pretty normal. Using heavy makeup to cover them instead of treating them is not a good idea.

9. The Good Ol’ Kitchen Secrets

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Products from our kitchens can be amazing for skin. They save money and time too. Knowing about the products, how they can be incorporated in the face packs, hair-masks and many other beauty treatments is indeed a great idea.

10. To Love Their Skin and Their Self

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This is probably the most important part. Kids have a mind as sensitive and delicate as their skin. So, they are hurt badly when people criticize their looks, skin, dresses etc. Tell them to love themselves for the way they look and for the way they are. No makeup can replace the glow which confidence and happiness brings.

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