21 Things That Would Happen If Makeup Lovers Rule the World

This is just a fun post to make your imagination run wild. Wouldn’t it be great, if we, the makeup lovers rule the world? The best thing that would happen is we will get rid of the annoying questions that people often ask makeup lovers.

makeup princess

1. It would be forbidden to ask any girl how much time she needs to get ready. The term “five minutes” would be permanently vanish even from oxford dictionary and makeup lovers could declare confidently the expected time as minimum 2 or 3 hours.

2. All the buildings and rooms would have been made of mirror. So that makeup lovers can check themselves on mirror 24*7.


3. Like smoking breaks in office, it would be compulsory to have makeup breaks for touch ups.

makeup touchup

rati beauty ad

4. There would be lots of books on Makeup.

5. Makeup would be a compulsory subject in all the colleges and universities.

6. It would be compulsory for guys to know the basics of makeup at least the theory part. So that when a girl who is his friend/family/lover is confused between orangish red or maroon red lipstick, they should be able to rescue them. Also, it would be must for them to know the definitions of few make up terms like “Contouring”, “foundation shades?”etc


7. It would be a criminal offence to leave home without makeup. And punishment would be to wear bridal makeup daily for one month.

8. There would be many days dedicated to makeup like Red Lipstick day, Smokey Eye Day or Winged Eye Liner Day.

9. There would be public holiday on International Makeup Day.

waking up to makeup

10. MLAs will fight in parliament to bring down the prices of makeup products.

11. Politicians will lure us with fake makeup promises for vote like, If I win, I will give 20 Mac lipsticks to everyone or free Bobbi Brown Foundations for everyone for 1 year.

12. Life would be much more colorful then. Instead of only seven colors we would have so many options.

makeup option

13. In every washroom, restaurants or shopping malls free samples of makeup would be available.

14. Instead of football or cricket, television would air makeup tutorials or makeup related videos. News like “Afghanistan launched its first waterproof eyeliner” would make headlines.

15. Every streets would be name after makeup products or brands like Maybelline Mascara street, Candy Yum Yum street etc

16. Instead of buying gold and diamond girls would save money to buy makeup products. (ah! Now our husbands would start praying for this day to come in their life.)

17. Everyone would understand then that why we own 10 red lipsticks from different as well as same brands and need 10 more.

red lipstick

18. Instead of working on mass destruction weapons scientists would work to create a makeup product that wouldn’t breakout skin no matter what.

19. The ministers would not levy taxes on makeup products. Also, import as well export of all makeup products would be absolutely FREE FREE FREE!

20. There would be no wars. Only two countries exchanging makeup products.

21. Colleges and offices would declare half day on launch date of any new makeup products.

makeup rules

Ah! How I wish this could really come true but it seems too good to be true. We can only dream about it. I refuse to come down on earth to face reality:-p Are you too dreaming like me? What do you think would happen if makeup lovers rule the world? Please share with us in the comment section below and keep dreaming, we rule the world anyway! 😉

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22 thoughts on “21 Things That Would Happen If Makeup Lovers Rule the World

  1. Haha, that made me laugh so much! You are SO adorable Shainee :* I wish the world was like this too! No stress, no nonsense 😀

  2. Ommmggggg that is actually and sincerely the best post I have ever come acrossssss 🙂 hats off to you for thinking soo well… wish these things happen man.. life would be so much better 🙂

    1. Guys wouldn’t be able to runaway from our makeup love then :-p thank you Bhawana for loving this post 🙂

  3. OMG! Just read it fully and died laughing. This was superb Shainee. I found “Afghanistan launched its first waterproof eyeliner the funniest!” 😛

  4. This is just absoolutely hilarious. lolll!!! ” News like “Afghanistan launched its first waterproof eyeliner” would make headlines.” i dieeddddd!!! 😀 😀

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