10 Ways to Grow Your Hair Super Long

Hello lovely ladies, As the title of this article suggests, today I am going to share some tried and tested and other interesting methods that I stumbled upon for growing out Rapunzel-like hair. I have been someone who simply hates long hair (because of Delhi’s scorching heat) and I have even talked many of my friends into cutting their long hair short. However, these days, I am obsessing over long hair and I know many of you might be sailing in the same boat as well. Well, enough of my blabbering, let’s get started with this article.
10 Ways to Grow Your Hair Super Long

1. Be patient and set realistic goals

This is, of course, very important. If you set up really high goals for your hair, chances are you will be left disappointed. As a matter of fact, Asians have the highest hair growth rate of about 6 inches per year, followed by Caucasians as their hair growth rate is 5 inches per year and Africans have about 4 inches hair growth per year. Also, your hair growth can reduce as you age.

2. Consider supplements

Personally, I have had a love-hate relationship with hair growth supplements (particularly Biotin). When I first started taking Biotin, my face flared up with pimples like anything and contrary to popular belief, my skin never got ‘used to’ to Biotin and fresh pimples appeared until the time I stopped using it. However, that was also a period when I noticed pleasant changes in my hair (and nails too). So, I suggest that you girls try it out for yourselves and see if it works for you.

3. Start eating eggs

eggs for long hair
I have learnt from my experience that having 2-3 egg whites daily helps (A LOT). As a matter of fact, the protein found in eggs is of a superior quality. Don’t fret if you are a vegetarian, you can still make egg masks for your hair.

4. Go anti-shampoo

Honestly, I don’t think I am ready to give up my shampoo anytime soon. However, I have heard it works for growing out hair long and also reduces hair fall. If you are interested, then please check out articles on the “no-poo methodhere and here on IMBB.

5. Embrace hair oils

hair oils
Yes, they are icky and sticky but also, provide nourishment to dry and abused hair. You can make your own oil blend mixing an infinite number of carrier and essential oils which may suit your hair type or you can simply stick to one traditional carrier oil. I totally recommend castor oil for faster hair growth as I have noticed a favorable change in my hair growth rate ever since I started using it.

6. Inversion method

I bet not many of you may have heard of this crazy method and even I am not sure if it works or not (as I am yet to try it). Summing up the process in a nutshell – first, you apply any hair oil of your choice and massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes. Then, you tilt your head upside down and stay in that position for 4 minutes (not more than that). Also, you have to do it for six consecutive days each month. Remember, don’t do it for more than a month because then your scalp might get ‘used to’ and stop responding to this technique. The science behind the method is that it increases the blood flow in your scalp and stimulates your hair follicles. Hence, better hair growth.

7. Say no to heat

Yes, to grow luscious locks, you will have to cut down the exposure to curling tongs, irons, and dryers. It can be tiresome to air dry your hair sometimes but remember you are doing this for a greater cause.

8. Befriend satin pillowcases

satin pillowcases
Other fabrics, like cotton, can cause major friction between your hair and pillow which may lead to a lot of hair fall. As we all know, the longer the hairs, the more they will be prone to breakage. So opt for a satin pillowcase and bless your hair with good health even in your sleep.

9. Detangling comb = your new BFF

For the same reason as above, a detangling brush will be your savior in the quest to grow long hair. Also, those tangle teezers come in a plethora of different colors and look so cute too.

10. Find a partner

Many of you might have heard of having weight-loss buddies, right? Similarly, having a hair growth buddy will help you stay motivated on the days you feel disappointed and tempted to cut your mane.

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