Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair

By Smriti Prabhat

A lot of my curly haired friends cannot survive without the blowdryer and straightening iron. I understand because I went through the same phase about 4 years ago. So much so that I chemically straightened my hair and it all went downhill from there. My curl pattern was completely ruined and as the straightening wore off, I would see my roots and run for the straightener. I couldn’t imagine leaving the house with my own hair sans some amount of heat and I didn’t want to go the chemical way again because I had finally realised the damage I had put my hair through. That is when I went through a heat detox which finally gave back some life to my hair. If you have lifeless hair and want a revival mantra, you need a heat detox regime like me!

Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair3

Give Away Your Heat Tools

Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair4

Of course, you have invested a lot in those hot tools, so I’m not asking you to donate them or throw them away. Just get them out of the house! If they aren’t readily available, you would not be tempted to use them. The most important step in this process is to absolutely go cold turkey when it comes to heat. If you have a sister or cousin, just bundle up your tools and let your loved ones enjoy them for a while. Believe me, when the first few days pass by, you’re going to be itching to use the blowdryer/straightener and these tip would come in handy.

Use Styles That Require No Heat

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When you go without heat, your mind immediately gets its creativity back. *teehee* It was during this heat detox phase of my life that I rediscovered the benefits of curly hair, that is myriad styling options. I would tie my hair in braids; with curly hair, you can try fishtail braid, french braid, dutch braid, rope tail braid, chain braid, two stranded braid (three, four and five as well since I have thick hair), textured braid, waterfall braid, halo braid, bun braid, and so much more. Another benefit of braiding is that it would allow your oils and leave-in conditioners to truly seep into your hair and heal it from within.

Deep Condition With DIY Recipes

Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair2

No matter what kind of hair you have, there is a deep conditioning treatment that is exactly right for you. You can use the tried and tested DIY deep conditioning recipes for now but soon, you would be experimenting yourself. Look for oils that work best for your curl type. You can also use products and conditioners that have worked well for you in the past and incorporate them into your routine more often. There are many hair masks that you can use on your hair as well.

Find Natural Ways To Straighten Your Hair (IF REALLY DESPERATE)

Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair

There are many ways to achieve straight hair without heat. You can spray your hair with a cold milk leave-in, you can have a hot castor oil treatment at home, you can use the paddle brush (not recommended, but try if you’re desperate) and stand in front of a heavy duty fan, and you can use lemon and coconut milk. These are deep conditioning cum straightening methods, but they need some time to show any substantial results.

Just give this a month if you are used to straightening or blowdrying your hair daily and you would see the results. Because my hair was so damaged, it took me a bit more than that (5 months!) but afterwards, it was all worth it! Do you have any recommendations for people who want to stay away from heat styling? I want to hear them in the comments! Cheerio!

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2 thoughts on “Heat Detox Regimen for Curly Hair

  1. I don’t have curly hair but kinda need heat detox. I used to heat more often when I had long hair, now with a long bob (which is overgrown due to my laziness) I don’t use much heat. Deep conditioning is really important for everyone’s hair. I always go for home remedies than salon ones.

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