Tangle Teezer Hair Brush Review

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

As I mentioned yesterday that this week had been a week of  great product discoveries.  I am sharing another amazing product with you all. It’s brilliant and I think it’s a MUST HAVE!

Claims : 

original tangle teezer hair brush review

original tangle teezer hair brush details

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tangle teezer

Price : INR 1100 approx / US $ 18.85

My Experience with Tangle Teezer Hair Brush:

My first impressions when I saw this brush was “it looks like a clothes washing brush”. 😛 This is an amazing detangling hair brush. I don’t know how but somehow the bristles never pull out strands of hair when I use this brush. It fits the palm nicely and it gets through the hair so easily. Also, I like how bristles feel on the scalp. I feel it stimulates the scalp while brushing. It separates every single strand of hair and gives a neat brushed look. I have used it in shower as well. After applying conditioner, I comb my hair using tangle teaser. It spreads the conditioner evenly. It does not break my hair at all – neither dry nor wet. The bristles feel very gentle and they flex a bit as you comb through your hair. They are not harsh at all.

I have medium length hair and it works great. But I feel it would work even amazing on those with long hair. Long hair tend to tangle easily. I don’t think you’d find a better detangling brush than this. Atleast, I haven’t come across one. 🙂

Also, I like how it fits my makeup pouches and I can easily carry it along with me.

Such a simple thing but amazingly effective. It’s like the basics – you have to have it. 🙂

I am picking up one more for myself. 🙂

Rating : 5/5



tangle teezer hair brush blue


tangle teezer hair brush photos


tangle teezer hair brush review


The bristles are of different length.  

tangle teezer hair brush asos



tangle teezer hair brush pink




tangle teezer hair brush review

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Tangle Teezer Hair Brush Review Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

The best

5 5 1
I sleep with open hair and roll over my bed so my hair gets all tangled up but from I got tangle teezer it's become more easy and faster for me to comb my hair

holy grail comb for my 3 year old

5 5 1
goodness being a mother of 3 yr old, who is so naughty and always messes with her hairs I was so worried for her coz she always develops compact tangles which are so difficult to remove even with oil or normal combing. Ever since i started with this tweezer she never shed tears while going htru those long knots and tnagles on her delicate hairs. I am seriously one happy mom now :)
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  1. omg u know i had seen it on TV where this person was rejected by the judges, when he invented it
    and now the rest is history the judges had to call him back!

  2. This one seems an awesome product *happydance* tangle free hair *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* for sharing *puchhi*

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