Beauty Secrets From The Asian World

Beauty Secrets From The Asian World

Hi ladies,

The Asian beauty culture is obsessed with skin care. There are so many beauty rituals that Asian women follow on a daily basis.
Here I am listing few precious tips from our continent, that your skin is gonna love if you try them. I found them really promising.
Read on and try whichever suits your fancy!



These women have youthful skin and they don’t look their age.

For their hair, they use natural ingredients like seaweed powder and camellia (tsubaki) oil. They also prefer wooden combs to comb their hair.

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Unlike most of us, who don’t really prefer oil based products on their face (at least I don’t), these beauties specially use deep cleansing oils, which dissolves makeup to cleanse their faces.

Rice bran oil which is rich in vitamin E is very popular there.

Beauty Secrets From The Asian World 2

They swear by a product called Uguisu no fun, it’s a facial mask which brightens the skin that contains sterilized nightingale dropping as in bird poop. Yes, they use bird poop on their face!

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They have the most beautiful porcelain skin.

They drink lots of green tea to lose weight and it helps to keep skin looking younger.

Their skin is so fair because they use mint leaves. Just grind the leaves and make them into a paste. Apply it as a face mask to brighten your complexion.

Beauty Secrets From The Asian World 6

To rejuvenate their skin, they use pearl powder with honey and egg yolk and apply this paste on the face and neck for 20 minutes, it calms skin and prevents skin irritations and inflammations.

Beauty Secrets From The Asian World 8

These beauties also use rice water as a toner.

For this you need to soak unpolished rice in a bowl of water and stir it well. Store this in refrigerator and apply this mixture with a cotton pad.You can use this mixture for 3-4 days and then make another one.


Korean girls have an impeccable skin.

They use the 424 technique A Korean actress swears by 424 technique which means to clean your face with any cleansing oil for about 4 minutes using different strokes. Using oil will help dissolve other oils, especially those substances that are quite difficult to remove, such as waterproof make up.

Beauty Secrets From The Asian World 9

Then wash away the excess oil with the use of cleansing foam. Massage your face using different strokes for two minutes before rinsing it off.
Rinse with Water for Four Minutes, starting with lukewarm water and ending with cold water to close all opened pores.

Another Korean actress says she washes the breakouts on her skin with salted lukewarm water to sanitize the area.

These women also pat their moisturizer rather than rubbing it, to help absorb better.


These women use coffee grounds as a natural exfoliant, Caffeine is also used in skin tightening products.

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They use damp tea bags to heal cracked lips caused by the excessive heat.

Indonesian women condition their hair with traditional crème bath.

For dry hair they use fresh avocado in their hair conditioner and massage it into the hair and then steam the hair before washing it off.

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Do tell me if you try any of these! 🙂


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  1. Another reason is they eat loads of fruits, steamed veggies, almost nil fried food and tons of seafood … Seafood is rich in Omega-3 which gives great skin & hair .. as well a healthy heart! … That’s why most Asians live long!

  2. Very informative post Vandana…..where can I find pearl powder. and you are so right about oil cleansing, nothing dissolves makeup better than oils 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Pearl powder is not easily available in India, you can use pearl face pack from VLCC and Nature’s essence. It provides the same benefits.

  3. Am gonna start patting my moisturiser from now.. 🙂 I dont have the patience to do the 424 technique… too lazy.. he he he

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