11 Frequently Asked Questions about Cellulite Answered

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In today’s post, let’s talk about cellulite, what it is, how it happens and if there is any way to get rid of it!
11 Frequently Asked Questions about Cellulite Answered

1. What is cellulite?

Cellulite is pockets of excess fat that results in uneven and lumpy appearance of the skin. The areas under the skin which have cellulite contain damaged collagen walls.

2. When does it happen?

It usually occurs after puberty and there are certain areas where cellulite is noticeable the most and these are buttocks, thighs, belly and back.

3. What causes Cellulite?

There are certain lifestyle factors which contribute to deposition of fat cells like lack of exercise and not the right kind of diet. Too tight clothing that restricts the blood flow for longer intervals can also lead to cellulite. Hormones and genetics also play key role in formation of cellulite.

4. Why do women get cellulite more frequently than men?

Women generally have a higher percentage of fat than men. Women also have unequal amounts of subcutaneous fat, as well as variable thickness and denseness of the dermis and epidermis skin layers which makes them prone to get cellulite than men.

5. Does cellulite increase with age?

It kind of does as the skin loses elasticity as we age. So aging reduces muscles and increases fat which in turn increases cellulite on our bodies.

6. Why do even skinny women have it?

We all have bands in our skin that let the fat push through and deposit! You can be skinny but still have cellulite on any part of your body. Cellulite doesn’t really happen with overweight people only!

7. Can the foods you eat decrease or increase cellulite?

Blueberries with leaves
There are no magic foods that will banish cellulite overnight. You can try to eat healthy food, which is overall good for you. You can also avoid high calorie foods as they lead to weight gain and in turn may lead to cellulite.

8. If you lose weight, will you automatically lose cellulite?

The appearance of fat cells decreases as we lose weight. So losing weight will definitely help your cellulite to look better, but it never completely goes. As you will gain weight again, the cellulite will come back again in those exact same areas.

9. How can I treat cellulite once I have it?

Inculcate healthy eating habits and also exercise regularly. Do some strength-training exercises and cardio to tone muscles. Also, when you start to lose weight, focus on body toning exercises to firm the body.

10. Do supplements help?

Unfortunately there aren’t any medical studies that say supplements help with cellulite. Only a lifestyle change can help you get rid of the cellulite.

11. Are creams to get rid of cellulite effective?

Look out for ingredients in the cream like hot pepper extract, caffeine or retinol. These ingredients reduce the appearance of cellulite and also encourage collagen formation in the skin cells.

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