11 Reasons to Start Kettlebell Training Today

By Surabhi Singh


Have you ever seen kettlebells in the gym? Not sure what they’re used for? Well, fret not. Today, I am going to talk about kettlebells and why everyone needs to include them in their workout regimen. Originated in Russia, the kettlebell is an upgraded version of dumbbells. But, unlike a dumbbell, you can move your kettlebell in any direction. So now, let’s read more about the kettlebell training.

It burns a good amount of calorie

This workout training burns more calories in less time. Yes, 20 minutes long workout with kettlebells burns over 400 calories. Isn’t that cool? I don’t think you need more reasons to try it, but there is more to this workout. Let’s read more to find out.

It engages more muscles

When you combine kettlebell training with your normal cardio, you tend to engage more muscles. Hence, you basically indulge in a high-intensity workout. As a result, your muscles start toning and your fat starts burning with time.

It makes you stronger

Since a typical kettlebell workout engages all your muscles, especially your leg muscles, you start becoming stronger. Kettlebell snatching workout develops a very strong workout capacity. Hence, your endurance grows with time and you’re able to work out with more weight.

It improves your posture

Since you engage every muscle during this workout, you subconsciously start focussing on your posture. Hence, you start standing tall automatically. A great posture makes you look better and keeps your back healthy.

It enhances flexibility

Since you need to stretch your muscles before and after every kettlebell session, the overall flexibility of your body tends to grow.

It makes your core stronger

You engage every muscle of your core in every lift; in turn, these muscles become stronger and better with every session. A stronger core leads to less back pain, better toning and easier weight loss.

It makes your grip stronger

The design of a kettlebell strengthens your grip as well. The constantly moving centre of gravity of a kettlebell makes your grip stronger and it also builds your arm muscles.

It reduces overall training time

Since the calorie burn from a 20-minute session of kettlebell training is exceptionally high, you need lesser time for your workout. Hence, this is one of the best training options for busy people.

It develops functional strength

When you start working out with a kettlebell, you improve your muscles endurance and respiratory stamina. You can easily carry your heavy grocery bags or office bags. You will never think twice before lifting any heavy weight.

It is easy on the body

Working out with kettlebells doesn’t go hard on your joints or muscles if done under correct supervision. In fact, most movements improve your joints and their flexibility.

You will never get bored

A kettlebell workout will never let you get bored. You can always change your workout area or you can combine it with other cardio training. Plus, the movements and techniques are endless.

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