10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

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This article is for all those who are planning to join a gym soon or are already enrolled in one to get a fitter body. We often hear women complaining about not getting the well-toned body they crave for even after spending months in a gym. Well, most of them make mistakes in the gym unknowingly that slow down the weight-loss process to a great extent. So here I am going to tell you about the fitness faux pas that you need to avoid in the gym.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Spending long hours in the gym…socializing

There are women who spend 2-3 hours in a gym but devote only 15-20 minutes of this time to their workout. Spending hours in the gym gives a sense of satisfaction to many. But it won’t help if you are not utilising the time. Chatting with others in the gym is definitely NOT a part of exercising and won’t lead to weight-loss. Even during the small breaks that you take, avoid unnecessary gossiping. Try to stay focused and think about the next exercise that you will practice. If you follow your regimen perfectly, you won’t need to spend more than an hour at the gym.

Expecting the desired result too fast

the right workout

“I will lose 10 kilos in a week.” Women often tend to set such unrealistic goals. Exercising too hard to fulfil the goal may affect the health. Also, when such expectations are not fulfilled, women feel depressed and stop visiting the gym altogether. It is advisable to set smaller targets in the initial weeks which can be achieved easily to boost your confidence.

Doing the exercises that your friends are doing

This is a very common mistake that women tend to do. Now the exercise regimen for someone who wants to lose thigh fat and someone who wants a toned neck won’t be the same. Understand what your goals are, ask your trainer about the exercises that you need to practice, and stick to the regimen. Also, it is important that you focus on your body-type and exercise accordingly. If you really want to do some exercise with your friend, well, then you can walk to the gym together!

Going too hardcore to achieve the impossible

tired girl in gym

Torturing your body to make it slim and toned is not a good idea at all. Often women go for exercises which are too much for the body to bear. This often results in a negative outcome. The body starts hating any form of exercise and eventually women stop going to the gym. So, always start with the basics, prepare your body for any particular exercise, and start doing it only after taking proper advice from your trainer.

Avoiding warm up and stretching

When you reach the gym, your muscles are relaxed and not ready for any hard exercise. So if you start the strength training as soon as you hit the gym, you will get tired too early. It is always advisable to stretch your body and perform some basic warm-up exercises before starting off with the strength training. Similarly, after completing your exercise regimen, sit and relax for some time before leaving the gym.

Focusing on a single form of workout


Balancing the regimen is very important while you are at a gym. Many women tend to focus on only one body part leaving the rest unattended. This may result in unwanted weight gain in those areas. Again, it is not a good idea to go for either cardio or strength training. While cardio helps to burn the fat, strength training increases the metabolism. So, balancing between the two is very important to see quick and effective results.

Being too satisfied with the performance

After losing a few kilos, women often become satisfied about their performance. So they start skipping a few exercises, decrease the time and even skip going to the gym for a few days. This is not beneficial in any way. While working out, it is always important to increase the intensity to see effective results. As the body gets used to a certain intensity, one needs to increase the capacity to see further results.

Avoiding strength training

women stregth training

Women have the misconception that strength training is meant for guys. They think that it will make their muscles hard and they may start looking like a bodybuilder. Now that is probably the worst workout myth ever! Strength training helps lose the extra kilos, it gives a well-toned body, and highlights the curves. Also, never go for the least amount of weight just because you are a woman. Choose the weight that you are capable of picking up. This helps in improving the capacity and you can achieve your goals sooner.

Avoiding the post-workout food

post workout meal

Women are often in a hurry and thus miss the much important fuel after a workout session. It is important to have some protein-rich food to rebuild and replenish the muscles after the workout session is over. So definitely try to pack something healthy while leaving home for the gym and grab it after the workout is over. If you are in too much hurry, you can opt for a protein shake – sip it on your way back home.

Losing hope and feeling demotivated

The weight-loss journey of two people can never be the same. If your friend loses 5 kilos in a month and you lose just 2, do not feel demotivated and do not give up. There is nothing unnatural in losing weight slowly or gaining a kilo or two even when you are going to the gym regularly. It is more about the consistency and willpower to become a better version of yourself. Do not make this a competition ever; try to challenge yourself every day, motivate yourself to do better and you will see the results in no time.

If you avoid these mistakes, you will definitely achieve your fitness goals in no time. All best for your weight-loss journey. Cheers!

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