5 MAC Peach Lipstick Photos , Swatches

MAC Peach Lipstick

Last week I shared 7 Pink lipsticks from MAC and 39 pink lipsticks from other brands. Today I am sharing lipsticks from the peach family.

I have 5 peach lipsticks from MAC in my collection.

mac peach lipstick

Mocha :  A peachy brown lipstick. It is a matte finish lip color. Great for most wheatish skin tones. It looks more peachy than brown on my skin tone but it may look more brownish toned on some skin tones. Full review HERE

See Sheer : Probably my most favourite lipstick form MAC. It is medium pigmented peachy coral lip color with soft glossy shine to it. Looovvee it. Highly recommended for light to medium skin tones. Full review HERE.

Crosswires : Crosswires is a deep pinky coral. Those with medium to dusky skin tones should give it a try. Totaly enjoy using  it once in a while. Full review HERE 

Ravishing : Ravishing is a creemsheen finish lipstick. It is a soft peachy moving towards coral kind of a shade. It has a creamy finish. Best for those with light skin tones. And if you are anywhere near NC 30 or NC 35, best used with a heavy blush or heavy eye makeup. Full review HERE

Fanfare : Fanfare is a salmon pink lipstick . It is a creemsheen finish lipstick. Imagine Sheer sheer and some light pink lipstick married and had a baby. It would look like fanfare. 😛 It has alight coral touch to it. This is a very pretty color for those with light to medium skin tones. Full review HERE

MAC peach lipsticks


mac peach lipstick swatches

l-r Mocha , see sheer. crosswires, ravishing.

Fanfare vs See Sheer.

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                    1. of course… i had once said i can never wear coloured liners… now look at me, i never wear black liner… and on a more serious note, it is necessary na that we keep changing and not stagnate… haina?

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      1. I’ve recently bought a lot of stuff based on IMBB recommendations and am loving it all !! :heart: :heart:
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    Thanks for this, Rati!!!!!!! Cosmo and See Sheer I have zeroed in on as of now! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. They’re all super gorgeous….but my eyes are drawn to crosswires. :love: :love: I’s a love that will probably never die….I really want it so mch now. :chewnails :chewnails

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