4 Must Have Classic Lakme Enrich Lip Color Shades

4 Must Have Lakme Enrich Classic Lip Color : My Favourites

I am back into my comfort zone, in my lipstick kingdom. Im talking about my most beloved lakme lipsticks that I should probably have a back up off!lakme, our desi brand endorsed by young aishwarya rai and used by our moms(to the point of refusal of any other brand), it is hard to ignore lakme, love it or leave it. Hope you like my picks for today!

lakme enrich lipcolor


Lakme enrich classic cocoa crème:562

lakme cocoa creme
Its one classic color I love to death.It has been broken and fixed back into the tube here because it is so smooth a lip color that it had to happen. This is a vibrant light brick shade which I have been using for the past five years I think(the shade not this lipstick)if you remember lakme’s green packaging for lipsticks, you would also remember their misty matte shade(“bherry fasht moving color” in SA lingo).That misty matte shade is the one I still miss and when they converted to this packaging I found a closer substitute in this 562 shade. 🙁 I miss you misty matte! Don’t get it if you are not comfortable with orange shades on your skin or anywhere around your face.

Lakme enrich classic sugarbloom 652:

lakme sugarbloom lipstick

This is a recent purchase from lakme and I have no idea which collection it came up with.It is a classic and I believe it would still be available from their permanent line.It is a MLBB color universally flattering. It would look even more beautiful on our dusky beauties. so safe for office wear and best paired with smoky eyes. Must have!

Lakme enrich matte 263:

lakme matte lipstick 263

Came out with the bridal sutra collection, this is a matte one I bought last year. Its very close to sugarbloom only that sugarbloom is little darker. Again a MLBB color you can pick up blindly and wear it any day(like on a bad lips day??/)I usually don’t have dry lips ever but there is something in the formula that make my lips crack.It turns lips very dry but I have never tried using it with a balm.Dry lipped girls can stay away, get sugarbloom instead.The lipstick is not dry on application though nor is it very dry on the lips.It is just the matte formula I guess.

Lakme enrich classic grape matte 254:

lakme grape matte lipstick

grape matte blended

Please don’t run away looking at the color, I had underestimated this color for long and one day I just applied it with my index finger like some lip stain and voila! Nude eyes made my complexion glow with this one.It is one beautiful grape shade and a very face brightening purple.Dont swipe it over your lips(for fear of being mistaken for Cruella) but just use a lip balm, finger or lip brush for application and don’t forget to press a single ply tissue over it after application.It is a very beautiful lipstick trust me! Equally good for dusky and fair complexions try to pair it with a very light eye pencil and never with a black liquid liner as too much of darker colors on the face would kill it.Very comparable to temptation by Colorbar velvet matte.:) Give such a color a try.


lakme lipstick swatches

These are aptly called classics, these shades never for out of fashion, there is a red , then there are these!I am afraid I am not sure which one of these are still available, do check with the website or ask the SA for numbers, (they never understand shade names, do they?

lakme enrich lipstick shades

Also, lakme has so many shades similar to these:yawn:they come up with browns all the time. perhaps most suited to Indian skin tones. On my list next are 132, 133 n 662, 424, 530 😀

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86 thoughts on “4 Must Have Classic Lakme Enrich Lip Color Shades

  1. Lovely collection Neha 🙂 I remember my 1st lipstick was a Lakme and I had chosen the shade after looking at a madhubala poster… ahhh memories!!!
    Lakme lipsticks ARE really good naa!

  2. nice colours..!! im in love with orangey tones nowadays..
    grape matte might make me looked washed out
    i have 133 its a nice nude..but i dont like how heavily perfumed lakme lippies are :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

  3. yeah very true
    i forgot to mention here
    even the 263 tht i wore today was so perfumy rose types
    it was giving me chakkr :yikes:

  4. Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…of course you are the queen of lipsticks….I saw your collection a few months back….you even have playboy lipsticks na :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    I liked the grape matte a lot……….lovely dark shade

    1. yeah no dount im the lipstick queen but now there are so many more lipstick princesses too on imbb :smug:
      han ek playboy papparazzi bhi hai :toothygrin:
      mast jhakas hai sachi

  5. u stock up sooooo many pretty lipsticks…… itna time hai lagaane ka itni saari lippies???? :teeth :teeth
    the matte one is the best :yahoo: .. I a having 2shades frm enrich lakme collection.. 1 frm tht bridal thing.. its actually 2-1 shade.. its pretty but dont wear it now.. it broke :wilt: ..but i didnt threw it as yet.. 😐

  6. Nice post Neha!! I have 263 and 133! Love both though 263 is drying..Now I’m really tempted by grape matte..I think Nupur had it in the tuesday sale 🙂

  7. gr8 review neha ……….all shade r nice
    want to know that grape matte will suit wheatish complexion ???? personelly i liked cocoa creme and sugar bloom

  8. Neha the shades look gorgeous and the consistency looks very creamy. :inlove: My fave is the Sugarbloom shade. :))

  9. Oooh!~ Sugarbloom looks nice!~ 😀
    It’s unfortunate that I’m not much of a lipstick person! :waiting:

  10. Love all of them, especially the nude browns…cant chose between them! Yes, did have the ones in the green packaging as well eons ago. I have 527, which is a warm brown, berry matte, which is a maroony shade, and brick (from 9 to 5) which is the best colour on me imo. But the new enrich satins seem to be too fragile.

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