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Megha Asks:


I have been following IMBB silently for a long time. I am a lipstick and kajal person but now want to start with some eye makeup as well. I want to  pick some eye makeup brushes from MAC. I am not sure which ones are the must haves. I am very confused. Please help. 🙁

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18 thoughts on “Must Have MAC Brushes : Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Megha, for begining , you can just buy 2 brushes :

    MAC 217- to would apply and blend in the eyehshadow. i have 4-5 of them and i can never have enough of those. 😛

    MAC 219- for us Indian girls, it’s a blessing. We HAVE to wear the kajal and smudged kajal look super pretty.

    and after that may be you can pick – mac 224 and MAC 239. But for starting, just go with 219 and 217 🙂

  2. Hi Megha,
    For the face and cheeks: 187 (stippling duo fiber brush), 116 (blush brush)
    For the eyes: 217 (Blending) ,242 (Shader) and 219 (Smudge/Pencil brush)
    If you have this you are completely covered.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. me too will buy 217 and 219 next. i have been wearing colored pencils so far as an eyeshadow but smudging the kajal for a smokey look seems like a super idea.. :thanks:

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