5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

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The motive of writing today’s post is to share, “5 bad habits that spoil our beauty products”. I am sure that many of you would be able to relate to the below mentioned points. You must have seen people practicing these things around you at some point of your life (even I am guilty of practicing some of these). So, without wasting any more time let’s begin.

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

1. Sharing lip products with anyone and everyone around

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

In my opinion, this is the worst habit in this whole list. We often see women around us sharing their lip balms, lipsticks, chapsticks and lip glosses with their colleagues, sisters, best friends, cousins and mothers and the list goes on. It’s high time we keep our lip products to ourselves and stop shoving it in everyone’s faces. Not only sharing our lip products maximizes the risk of infection and bacteria growth but, it’s not even fun to sport same shade of lipstick as your sister or best friend every time you go out. Also, sharing lip products minimizes its actual expiry (which is, by the way 8-12 months).

2. Not washing hairbrushes and combs

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

Oh, so you have these branded combs and hairbrushes of all sorts; a detangling brush, a paddle brush, teasing comb, a wide toothed comb, narrow toothed comb and blah blah blah. If you do not wash them properly or you do not wash them at all, they get covered with a lot of filth, dandruff and dirt residue with the passage of time. The consequences of using dirty combs and brushes are a head filled of lice, dandruff and dirt.

3. Using a single makeup brush for a variety of products

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

Do you also rely on one eye shadow brush for doing your whole eye makeup? Well, chances are that by now most of your eye shadows must have changed their true color. Fret not girl, now that the damage is done throw away your spoiled palettes and make a fresh start. In my opinion, even if you do not own a lot of brushes you can still keep a napkin handy and tap off the product on it (if you are using powder based products) before dipping your brush in a different color. However, if you are using cream based products you do need to have a couple of different brushes (life is not always fair, is it?).

4. Not cleaning your makeup brushes often

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

Okay, so you have a zillion different brushes for different purposes but, if you barely ever wash them then chances are that they will be spoiled soon and give you nasty infections. Even I am guilty of having this bad habit, every time that I’m getting late for work I look at my brushes and make a promise to them that today I am going to wash you. However, that today hardly ever comes on time. If you are also sailing in the same boat as me then please drop this bad habit as soon as possible because not cleaning your makeup brushes encourages bacteria growth that can give you all sorts of skin allergies.
In general, it is preferable to clean the brushes that you use for cream based products every time you use them. However, you can use the brushes that you use for powder products for about a week before cleaning them.

5. Not throwing away your makeup as per its actual expiry

5 Bad Habits That Spoil Our Beauty Products

Now, this bad habit does not deteriorate our beauty products itself but, it was too bad to not include in this list. I remember having a friend who owned a lot of expensive make up but barely used it. As a result, she hated the idea of throwing away her lipsticks and kohl after every few months. Rather, she used them way beyond their expiry. The result of her doing so was, that one day she woke up with a nasty lip infection that lasted for about a week. So girls, no matter how much that Bobbi Brown kohl or MAC lipstick costed you, it’s always better to throw it away before it ruins your face. You can also refer to the post, “when to discard makeup” by Rati to know the actual expiry of different beauty products.

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  1. I absolutely dislike sharing my lip products and even eye products with anyone. Also, I need to wash my hair brush often. 😀

    1. Same pinch Shikha. If anyone ever asks me for my lippy or lip balm, I give them cold looks before giving them what they asked for in the first place! :-p

    1. Hehe but, u have so many lippies Neha that even if someone asks u for a lippy you can simply pass on the one that you never liked 😀

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