5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair at Home

I started experimenting with upperlip hair removal more when I became a mom, trust me it is not easy to visit the parlor for threading as much as you like it. It is then I thought I must find some alternatives, well here off I would like to say these are all tried and tested by me, I have heard waxing can leave you with broken capilaries and can look like pink threadlike pattern on the skin, but I have never faced this problem for the upperlip. Being a lipstick fan 😛 I need to be well groomed and most of you office goers would feel the same, you might not thread the eyebrows often but upperlip is a must-do.Take a look at how I go at it at home.

Yes I thread on my own, you need to make a round circular thing with the same thread used at the parlor, you can get them easily at stores, you need to break off the thread from the spool and then tie at to make a circle, and then twist it at centre, use both hands to thread, it takes practice but it is the best way around. Sit near the window with a magnifying if you need. Read this post on how to do threading on your own.


Wax strips:
If you feel growth is too much for threading then opt for facial wax strips, you have to keep them at home always! YOu never know when your parlor has an off day, dont qoute me but in times of emergency, I cut Veet strips (the blue pack only) into thin peices to fit the upper lips and wax using those. Stroke the strip in the direction of the hair, sideways or downwards, then pull in the opposite direction, while holding your skin taut or pursing lips together, if you want to use only facial strips, go for it, read more in Jomol’s review.I hate the hip hop ones, they are so dry, that is how I had to use veet blue pack cutting it into strips. MAssage your skin well with a light cream or aloe gel after this, I find even the tiny hair are off using a wax strip.I have chocolate wax at the parlor, but somehow superficial application se better is the strip wax for upperlips.


Katori wax:
My friends swear by this, this kind of wax is more like thick dry candle wax, it can be heated up on a hot tawa, try not to heat it directly.Once it gets to honey like consistency, check the temperature at the back of the hand, and then apply it in the opposite direction of the hair growth so the wax catches the hair roots well, let it dry to a non sticky finish, then you can apply one more coat on top of it in any direction so get a better thicker grip. Somehow stubborn hair and very very small hair would not come off with this, but some people master this art and it works on the tiniest of hair, it is worth a try and worth keeping at home.



This is like the best way like Jomol mentions in her post, well it is painful because it gets to the tiniest hair, you simply should not do it when growth is more, please thread majorly and then use the stick like mentioned in this post, it is slightly on the painful side but works for the cleanest upperlip, how I use it is after say two days of threading, I use this alternate days, it is high maintenance but you can try it while watching Telly 😛 or on the go, just dont let your guy see it.



This is an emergency method for only the stubborn hair, you simply cannot tweeze all 😛 I use this in the car vanity mirror, simply because it is irritating to see some remaining hair after you thread, it works best on thicker hair and I find it quite painless.


Use an ice pack after you are done, gently massage the skin with a mild cream, aloe gel or baby cream.Always hold skin taut while you wax or thread. All the above methods can be used for chin hair as well.

I have never tried creams but you can check this one out here

If you are new to upperlips hair removal, I recommend going for a simple strip wax first, do it in sections rather than in go with one strip, threading can be a shocker on growth, then as and when you need it, learn how to thread.Keep strips handy for emergencies and tweezers too for stubborn hair.How do you manage to get cleaner upperlip at home?

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18 thoughts on “5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair at Home

  1. Threading by myself …
    Bdw i have a question :
    i hv dry combo and pimple prone skin
    i want to fallow ocm routtine
    i have got hamdard castor oil and delmonte extra virgin olive oil ….
    Will these two oils b okay for ocm …… Plz help ……
    Also do we need to keep the oil mix on face for a while before wiping it off …plzz help

  2. A much needed post.. *woot* *thankyou* superb neha.. *clap* *clap* one more thing once we r done wid hair removal then regular scrubbing wid moong dal n lemon also help in delaying onset of new hairs.. *happydance*

  3. Lovelllyyyyy *woot* *woot* this is something that everyone might need *happy dance* *happy dance* i always wax my upperlips at home incase i dont *happy dance* get time for threading *happy dance* *happy dance* epistick is painful yes but clears up everything clean *happy dance*

  4. I hv always used epilator for upper lip,I apply powder first and then epilate…it is slightly painful,but I find threading also painful. Epilator gets out finest hair too.Use tongue to stretch the skin,same as threading. I have not used the facial attachement, only the normal one for body. Hv used Philips earlier and now Braun.

  5. I have a braun silk epil 5…but dare not to use it on face..
    I usually go to parlour and thread..or bleach and hide it..coz I have lotsa facial hair..(why is laser so expensive..sob sobsob..)

    question..–will there be ingrown hair if wax strips are used or with epilator..(glup!).?

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