Temporary Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

Gone are the days when fashion or personal grooming mattered only to women. In the fashion-conscious world of today, everyone wants to look presentable in the society. Be it a man or a woman everyone pays a keen attention to personal grooming and does not shy away from making a change in there appearance.

waxing underarms

The need to remove unwanted body hair is one such thing. No one wants to look like a gorilla while walking on the streets.

Because unwanted hair looks unattractive,  removing hair (in this case underarm hair) is important because if the sweat remains trapped in the area it will lead to bacterial infections.

waxing underarms

Basically there are two forms of hair removal:

1.    Depilation: This includes the removal of hair above the skin’s surface. E.g. Shaving.
2.    Epilation: The methods in this form includes the removal of hair from it’s roots. E.g. Plucking, Waxing, Laser treatment etc.

Some of the temporary methods to remove underarm hair are listed below:

Waxing: It is the oldest and the most popular semi-permanent method of removing underarm hair. In this method wax is applied over the skin and then it is ripped off  in the opposite direction of  the hair growth by a cloth or a paper strip. But like all the other beauty treatments this method too has few pros and cons.

Pros of Waxing Underarms

1.    It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time.
2.    It is a long-lasting method.
3.    Areas that are constantly waxed often show re-growth that is softer.

Cons of Waxing Underarms

1.    Waxing can be painful when the strip is removed from the skin.
2.    Hair removal is not permanent.
3.    Some people experience ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding.
4.    People with allergies broken skin and bruises should avoid waxing.


waxing with razor

Unlike waxing, shaving underarm hair is neither difficult nor painful and can be done by an individual at the comforts of his home. Shaving involves cutting down the hair to the level of the skin rather than pulling it off from the roots. The side effects of this method are cuts, abrasions, and irritation.

Plucking: This method involves pulling each underarm hair out with tweezers. Though it gives more control to the person yet this method is not very practical for the underarms, as it takes a long time to finish and is painful.

Pros of Plucking Underarm hair

1.    It is an inexpensive method of hair removal.

2.    It gives a precise control.

Cons of Plucking Underarm hair
1. Time consuming.
2. Painful.
3. Red bumps may occur if not done properly.

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