5 Different Types of Eyeliner Brushes and How to Use Them

Eyeliner brushes are some of the best brushes, that you should be using to make your eyeliner look perfect and appropriate. Most of us use the brush, which usually comes attached with the eyeliner, but the right way to apply eyeliner is to use the eyeliner brush. A true fashionista will never forget using the eyeliner brush because it helps to achieve a particular shape, size, and form you desired about.

Different type of eyeliner brushes and how to use them

So, let’s have a look at some of the different type of eyeliner brushes you should be using.

1. Simple eyeliner brush:

Different type of eyeliner brushes and how to use them

Simple eyeliner brush has a sparse tipped brush, which is extremely slim and easy to be used. This eyeliner is extremely helpful in drawing fine lines and fills in the minute gaps. You cannot achieve winged look, using this eyeliner brush because it masters in creating thin gaps and not layers.

2. Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush:


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Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush is used to draw a precisely thin layer which almost looks like no eyeliner. Other than this, Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush is excellent in making the winged eye, as the bend side of the brush makes it extremely easy to do so.

3. Domed shaped semi flat brush:


Domed shaped semi flat brush is generally used by a woman who uses gel eyeliners. Most of the gel eyeliners provide domed shaped semi flat brush, which helps to achieve a flawless look. This brush is moderately dense, which makes it extremely easy to make thick lines and get the winged eye look. If you are looking for the thick layer on your eyelids, use the domed shaped semi flat brush for the perfect look.

4. Flat Tip Brush:


Flat Tip Brush is a densely packed brush, which makes it extremely easy to draw fine and accurate straight line. Using Flat Tip Brush helps to recreate the soft and natural look on eye, along with a perfect blend of eyeshadow. Flat Tip Brush can also be used to blend the eyeshadow over the lids perfectly.

5. Flat Angled Tip Brush:


Flat Angled Tip Brush is used to draw slant lines or even tight lines. Flat Angled Tip Brush has angled shaped packed hair, which makes it extremely easy to be used. Flat angled brush comes with a different variety of brushes, which includes Small Angled, Medium Angled, and Large Angled Brushes. If you love adding some drama to your eye with dense eyes, consider using the flat angled tip brush.

Benefits of using different type of eyeliner brushes

• Using eyeliner brushes helps to create chain free lines.
• It does not leave gaps in between.
• If you love adding drama to your eyes, applying eyeliner with the help or brushes can help to achieve them easily.
• Using eyeliner brushes also avoid contamination of the eyeliner.

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