5 Must Have Skills For New Age Women

5 Must Have Skills For New Age Women

She loves her home,
She loves her man,
So does she love her job,
She is the light that brightens the sky,
She is the wind that blows,
She is the one that stole a million hearts,
And has the charm that never goes.

We all want to be perfect- a star mom, an amazing partner, an efficient employee or a super boss. We wish to make life more satisfying not only for over selves but for other surrounding us. In today’s age where women are playing dual role of homemaker and bread winner her contributions towards life are even more demanding. Here are certain skills that every woman must have to leave and impression just like the above lines.

Budget & Financing

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• Now when majority of women are earning the skill to be well conversant with financial matters soon would become a norm.

• In these conditions all women must know what is the per month expenditure of house, how much is to be saved, where the money is to be invested, when the bills and EMI’s are to be paid, when the premium of the policies is to be deposited, is there enough pool of money for emergencies with the regular maintenance of account is to be taken care of.
• Although generally a partner may choose roles in household according to their likings & comfort levels and husbands are more likely to be involved with financial matters it is always good to know and understand these very important things.
• This will make you more confident and when both the partners are involved you will make wise decisions for your money.
• Thus start learning today and begin with simple steps like calculating total income and various expenditure components of your house.


• It is one of the most vital skills to have today. Ability to drive a car or bike gives one the independence to be on her own.
• Go to work, shopping for grocery, picking up kids from school or bonding with friends it helps in every aspect of life. It also enhances confidence.
• Those who don’t know driving should learn because beyond all its benefits, a long drive with your kind of music is one of the greatest stress busters too.
• The joy of leaving the world behind and going wherever the road takes you is a must to experience in life.

Art of Eloquence

• You may wear the sexiest of outfit with the perfect make up but if you open your mouth and are not good with your words you fail to make an impression. In professional or personal life the art of playing well with words can help you wining different wars.
• In you workplace it might get you your dream project or assignment. On personal front it might get you the handsome guy you want to spend your rest of life with. Perfection with this art can win you the tags like attractive, friendly, great company, understanding, and amazing person, even sexy !!!.
• One can start by practicing real life situation in front of a mirror or can even a role play with a friend will do.
• Start with a basic introduction of yourself and then try to make it more attractive. Improve on word choice and your expressions. Ask yourself 10 most frequently asked questions like music, movies, special interest, including your job etc.
• Build answers in a creative way. As one is encountered with these questions in daily life frequently this preparation will help you to interact better. Start smiling and making eye contact more often.



• Alright- Alright I understand cooking is nothing new and is the most conventional skill that women have or are supposed to have. But in today’s word you might need them in different perspectives.

• Conventionally women were supposed to cook and nurture the family. It is true even today but what with more and more girls leaving there homes and going to metros and big towns to pursue their dreams, it even becomes more important.

• In addition to that women want to look great and cooking for self only helps them to not feed on the junk food and further in long term it even helps to get boyfriends or husbands hooked to you !.

Make up & Grooming

• All of you here at IMBB will agree with me about this one. The perfect make up for every occasion can get you various compliments.
• Knowing the right shade of lipstick that makes your husband heart skip a beat or the color on your eyes that lends you the no-nonsense look for the presentation facilities to climb up the corporate ladder.
• The happiness and confidence one gets with the right make up is certainly felt by everyone here and the difference it made to our life is truly magical.

I hope you all will find these skills some-what relevant in your life and Yes… How many out of these 5 have you perfected? 🙂

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29 thoughts on “5 Must Have Skills For New Age Women

  1. excellent article mamta. hoever i would have to admit that the financing at my place is totally looked after by Sanjeev. i mean i dont think i can really handle that part. No matter how much we dnt want to believe but cooking good food does play a part. i totally dont enjoy cooking. It’s only once in awhile that i totally love what I am cooking. Cna really understate the importance of Art of Eloquence. :yes:

    1. Hum…Ya Rati I kind of understand that still i feel that understanding of financial things are important.Like if one is not an active participant in the decisions at least knowing whats happening is pretty important….but nothing matters more than mutual understanding and trust….. & about cooking no matter u dont like to cook, Mr.S must be really happy to have you in his life…God bless both of u. :))

      1. yeah mamta, I kinda am aware of the budget thing > it definitely helps in planning the month but I am kinda scare dof taking that responsibility. I just manage my writers finances. :happydance: :happydance:

  2. Awesome article. Totally loved it. Thumbs Up. And, yes, a good sense of humor is also very important according to me.

  3. awesme article…art of Eloquence z really imprtant..mujhe to abi abi pta chala..hw mch helpful it can be.. :shying: :shying: :shying:

  4. what a great article, please write more perhaps on the finance bit. i so don’t know anything about it. and i am so scared of driving!!! i tried it but freaked out.

  5. thanks praseena, well driving is a habit u just get used to it..and the only way to lear is to keep driving…and will try to write more on finance.
    :thanks: for appreciating

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