5 Streetwear Color Rich Nail Polishes Review, Swatches

5 Streetwear Color Rich Nail Polishes

Hello everyone!

We girls like all colorful things, we need to have every shade in our wardrobe and nails paints collection as well as  shoes and makeup.Today likewise, I am going to share colorful nail paints from the brand Streetwear, they have come up with all new shades in color rich range. This brand, along with Maybelline Color show, has come up with the best pocket-friendly nail paints available in the market.


Product description:

The nail paints come in small cute little bottles with a long cap. The sketches can be seen on the black cap giving it a beautiful girly appearance. The shades have been given different names which makes it even more tempting.

These are not as thick as Maybelline Colorshow, they are not runny either, they are medium thick.

5new streetwear color rich nail polish swatches reviews (6)

Applicator brush:

The brush is small in size though it doesn’t pose any problem in the application of the nail paint. Rather I find it makes the application easier and comfortable.  It fans out easily and the nail paint consistency helps in easy application on the nails. One dip might not be enough to cover the entire nail, so two dips are necessary for a proper first coat.

How many coats would give you the full color? The color pigmentation cannot be completely justified in the first coat but after the second coat, the shade is truly justified. Two coats are necessary to get the full color.

Range of shades:

Streetwear is offering a wide range of shades at a great price of Rs. 60 .They are perfect for college.

 Staying power:

I am a person who rarely helps mommy in the kitchen especially for the utensils. So there is no chance that a household chore would affect the staying power of my nail paints. On my nails, these stay for an average of 4-5 days.


Drying time:

It isn’t quickly drying kind of a nail paint. You will have to wait for a minute or two for the first coat to dry and for the second coat you will have to wait for two to three minutes more for sure.

So girlies, let’s begin the colourful journey:

Rocker chic:

This is my favourite amongst all the five shades. The name itself is rocking and the shade is super awesome. You can wear it for any time, any day, any occasion.


In your Dream:

It is a very typical yet beautiful pink shade and a very feminine one too. Pink is a shade which cannot be missed out in our collection. This is a perfect shade and is a must-have.


Snap it:

this is a very spring-like bright shade or can be worn on a dull wintry day to brighten your mood.


Black Magic:

I have always liked black nail paints. If black can be one the sexiest colors in terms of a dress, why can’t it be the same for nail paints. Do you all agree with me? This is a must-have for nail arts too.


Silver Sensation:

I am not much of a fan of shimmery shades in either nail paints or lip colours. But this shade has completely dazzled me with its beauty and the grace it adds to the hands.


IMBB Rating:

4/5 (staying power isn’t too good and the grace of the final coat applied freshly, fades off soon.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful colorful journey. Do share with me your favorite shades. Until next time, take care and stay happy and enjoy the colorful life God has granted us!

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