5 Useful Ways of Curing Foot Fungus

Hot, humid weather in India can be a little too much for us. Acne and breakouts are the most common issues faced due to the humidity we endure. But what about those tiny spaces between our toes? Can’t neglect them can we? Urge to scratch between your toes, cracked skin that sometimes smell too, yellow nails? All sound a bit too familiar? Well, someone is having what we call an acute case of foot fungus. Don’t wait till it gets worse and needs to be surgically treated. Here are a few tips to assist you through this painful and well… quiet irritating state of your feet.

Ways of Curing Foot Fungus

1. Keep ‘em toes dry:  Sweaty feet is breeding ground for foot fungus – no surprise there eh? Start with keeping your toes dry and we know small spaces like these are famous for sweat accumulation. Keep the sweat at bay, by cleaning your feet well with soap water to disinfect the area. Using facial tissues is a good option for cleaning tiny spaces between your feet, when on the go… shhh… no one needs to know. This will help absorb the sweat responsible for fungus breeding.

Ways of Curing Foot Fungus

2. Out with those old shoes: As much as you love those shoes you have since 12th Grade, we understand you receive compliments on them. But, it’s time for them to see the trash can. Old shoes are another reason for itchy toes and well foot fungus.

3. Bring on the t-bar: Another great tip that has saved us all – avoid wearing closed shoes in humid climates. Allow your feet to breathe, to avoid the itching train to take over your life. T-Bar sandals are a great alternative.

Ways of Curing Foot Fungus

4. Vinegar it out: Don’t refrain vinegar to the kitchen and those yummy Chinese soups. Vinegar is a boon in the beauty world. Take advantage ladies. Acidic properties of vinegar help with the infection and fungus. Mix one part vinegar with 2 parts water, soak, relax and grab your copy of Vogue. You are going to put your feet to relief with this one.

Ways of Curing Foot Fungus

5. Embrace the Garlic: Garlic is another home remedy for battling it with the foot fungus. Crush the garlic and soak in olive oil and soak for 30 minutes. Its anti-bacterial properties are going to put the itch at ease. Religiously follow this thrice a week and say adios to the foot fungus lingering on your feet.

Follow these tips for pretty feet without itch and discomfort! Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below and your tips are always welcome.

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