8 Tips to Prevent Foot and Heel Pain

Women since ages have always put fashion ahead of comfort. Look at the various fashion trends throughout years and you will agree with me. I find myself guilty of drooling over high heels. In spite of knowing the threat it poses to my feet I just can not stop myself from buying them time and again.

foot pain

High heels and pointed toes may look very sexy but, they can cause serious damage to our feet. Heel pain, blisters, corns, pinched nerves, and ingrown toenails are just few to start with.

Tips to prevent foot and heel pain:

Given below are few tips that can help you ease your foot and heel pain.

Take rest: Whenever you suffer from heel pain then take ample rest. If this pain is caused due to doing some specific work such as walking for a long distance, continuous standing etc, then just avoid giving strain to your feet. The more you rest the better and quicker are the chances of healing.
Give cold compressions: Apply ice packs on the affected area to prevent inflammation from developing. Never apply ice directly to the skin always use a towel or an ice bag. Also, ice should not be applied for more than 20 minutes. Pain will be subsided in no time by doing so.
Exercise: Exercises meant for heel pain should be done after taking medical approval. Doing these exercises regularly will help you feel better within a short duration of time.
Shoe inserts: This method of treatment is the key to successful cure of heel pain. Shoe inserts permit patients to continue their routine activities without heel pain.

Shoe Insert
Wear shoes with well cushioned soles. Lack of support and cushioning around the heel and arch can cause pain.
Avoid wearing high heels.
Do not wear tight shoes. Shoes should be comfortable and should not have any points of pressure on any one part of the foot.
• Shoes with a slightly larger toe box helps to avoid problems with toes and toenails.

Just follow these simple tips and keep your feet and heel pain free for ever.

How do you take care of your feet?

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