6 Health Mistakes You should Absolutely Avoid at Night

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Surely we all aim to be healthy and look fabulous. We also put in our best efforts but often are disappointed by the poor or lack of results. Often, inadvertently, we commit major mistakes which stop us from being fit and healthy. A chunk of those mistakes is committed at night, maybe due to lack of knowledge, the absence of willpower or improper planning. In this post, I will tell you about that health and fitness related mistakes which you should be careful about. Let’s see what those are.

6 Health Mistakes You should Absolutely Avoid at Night

Going to bed hungry

Don’t skip dinner even if you are dieting. This makes you prone to hunger pangs at wee hours of the night and you are more likely to gorge on chocolates, biscuits and yummy desserts lying in the fridge. Have a light dinner, like salad, soups and grilled fish or meat. This way you won’t wake up and consume sugary items.

Overfilling your stomach

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Just as not having food is wrong, similarly consuming heavy meals too is not the right decision. Eating meals laden with carbohydrates and heavy proteins give a stuffed up feeling, making you slothful and bloated. Light meals are your best bet to curb hunger and yet feel comfortable.

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Going overboard with alcohol

If you don’t know this already, let me repeat: alcohol acts as a metabolic poison. It dehydrates your body and slugs down your metabolism. Intoxication results in making you feel lethargic, inefficient and unproductive, not to mention nasty headaches and nausea.

Dosing on painkillers after workout

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Taking nightly painkillers to overcome the muscle soreness and strain due to intense workouts is a very bad practice. It’s time to quit as these pills interfere with the ability of the system to build and strengthen muscles. If you are sore, soothe it using ice packs. In case you experience intense pain, tweak your workout routine.

Sleeping in high heat

If your sleep surroundings are hot, chances are likely that you will have a fitful sleep. Heat slows down body metabolism, makes you sweat and affects sleep cycle. This is also the reason why workout should be avoided at night.

Being emotionally distressed

stressed woman

Always end the day on a positive note. Resolve conflicts with your partner or family, leave aside work issues and unwind with a relaxing read. Avoid arguments, anger and chaos as it creates a state of imbalance and stress within the body.

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