Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6 Review

Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6 Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought 4 of the Maybelline’s new lip polishes.  The shade I will be reviewing today is called Pop 6 and it is a bright red color.  The last one I reviewed was called Glam 9 and this is Pop 6, I didn’t know that they have different kind of names within the collection until I started writing this review and when I observed this, I saw the other two shades I have and the rest two are also from the Glam family.


Product Quantity:

5 ml.


Rs. 450



The product is packed in a transparent rectangular tube with a metallic silver cap. Nothing is written on the packaging except the company’s name and name of the color (at the bottom of the tube). Even the name of the product is not mentioned on the tube, which is written only on the plastic sleeves wrapped around the product.



Mentioned on the plastic cover in which the tube is wrapped.

Product Description:

A trio of concentrates:

1. Potent Color Extracts: Pure saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color like a lipstick.
2. Concentrated Liquid Balm: Moisturizing liquid conditioning balm gets the lips ready for intensely rich color. Gives a soft cushiony feel and care to the lips.
3. Glossy Shine Serum: Built-in glossy top-coat, that makes lips look fuller and more luscious.

Specially designed leaf-shaped applicator which makes application quick and precise.

My Take on Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6:

Color:  Pop 6 is a beautiful bright red color with minute-sized golden shimmer particles. Yes, it does have shimmers, but they do not seem obvious on lips nor can they be felt on the lips. These shimmers can only be seen in bright light and trust me girls, they really make the color look even more beautiful. The color is such that it can make any outfit or any makeup look simply pop and I think that’s why it’s named with the pop prefix.


Texture: It’s soft and really easy to apply, but I found it a little different in texture as compared to the Glam 9.  This particular one is more liquidy and more on a glossy side whereas Glam 9 was more creamier.  This is completely non sticky when applied and becomes a little sticky once the topmost layer of the gloss is gone. This feels extremely comfortable on the lips, except the slight tingling which I felt in the first 15 minutes of application.


Pigmentation: This being a bright red, it is highly pigmented, even the slightest color makes the red visible, but it is not completely opaque even in 2-3 coats. The color does look good by itself, but when applied on a red lipstick, it just gives a killer combination which is perfect for any occasion.


Staying Power: As I mentioned in my previous post, staying power of these glosses is good, especially due to the fact that they stain the lips and this is particularly true with this shade. After 2-3 hours, when the gloss is completely gone, the lips are still red, not bright, but a natural-looking red.  Pop 6 is transferable and the color gets easily transferred on to cups or glasses which shortnes its staying power.



Pros of Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6:

  • Bright red with minute, beautiful looking shimmer.
  • Shimmer is not chunky, does not look cheap.
  • Very soft and easy to apply.
  • Bold enough to give a sexy pout.
  • Stays for a decent amount of time and leaves a stain so that lips do not look completely drained off.
  • Cute little packaging.


Cons of Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6:

  • I felt a bit of tingling on my lips when I applied it.
  • It’s not completely opaque even after 2-3 swipes (but this is okay as it’s a gloss and not a complete color).
  • Pricey for 5 ml.


Would I Repurchase Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6?

Though I liked this color, I feel that there are some more beautiful reds in other brands and so I would not buy this particular shade again. Because of the price, I will think twice before buying this again, but yes, I might think of buying some other shades.

Do I Recommend Maybelline Lip Polish – Pop 6?

It’s a beautiful red, but not a very unique color, so buy it only if you are a red lover and would like to add some more cute-looking reds in your collection.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. i’m so gonna try this one! pretty colour it is! and most importantly… leaves behind a natural looking stain *specs* *specs*
    must try *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

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