6 Steps To Eating Healthy While Socializing

We avoid socializing when we are on a diet. We have to count calories while eating out. On a diet we are always keeping a watch on. But, if we go out for dining, all  the delicious foods start to become tempting to us. We forget our diet and land up multiplying the calories. We can always dine out while on a diet. Just we have to remember some simple ways to enjoy healthy eating while socializing.

Eating Healthy While Socializing

Eating Healthy While Socializing

1. Eat fresh: Eating fresh means eating a range of nutrients. Look for dishes with lots of colour. People on a diet prefer to order salads while dining out, but many of them don’t know that, salads may add to their calories. Opt for salads with fresh greens and veggies. But most importantly, pick low-cal dressings, vinaigrettes or just a squeeze of fresh lemon instead of tossed with mayonnaise or any other creamy sauce. They may add taste to salads, but add twice the calories to your diet chart.

2. Special request: While ordering you have a choice of placing your order with a special requests. For example, we can reduce on additional toppings, butter, spices etc…. You can always order for more veggies in your dish instead of spices. Too much spice in dishes is not always the symbol of healthy eating, it also leads to some health issues. So, it is better to avoid excess of spice not only for your diet, but health wise too.

Eating Healthy While Socializing

3. Avoid fried starters: While dining out, we generally go for appetisers and starters, those may be loaded with the calories. Like instead of fried potato chips you can opt for baked potato chips or go for soup, which is not only a healthier option, but filling also. This means you won’t miss out on healthy food.

4. Eat Moderately: If you know you will be dining out for dinner, have a moderate lunch. Having a moderate lunch will not make you hungry much, so that you can enjoy your dinner to the fullest.

Eating Healthy While Socializing

5. Watch on your portions: If we are keeping a watch on our weight, please keep a watch on the portions. We generally forget about the amount of food portions while having conversation or watching TV. This can add to our calories and weight.

6. Choose your drink wisely: If you have to choose drinks, you can go for lime water instead of any hard drinks or soft drinks, as they may add extra calories to your diet. Lime water is the best thing you can have while on diet and you can also accompany all your dear ones while drinking.

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  1. suuppperrr tips manjeet. I love eating out every once in a while. This is very helpful. totally going to keep these pointers in mind…always! 🙂

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