Fitness Alert: Eat Healthy To Stay Healthy!

Hello everyone,

After writing on a very common, yet a serious issue in my last fitness article on Mobile Phone Addiction, today I will be sharing with you all a post on How Healthy Eating is important in our life.

I am a vegetarian and here is my general Diet Chart in brief: Day begins with a glass of milk, lunch with two rotis with dal or sabzi, and finally dinner. In between if I am given the option of a pizza, I will be the first one to say yes. This is what I normally eat on any given day.

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Do you think I would be meeting my daily requirement of essential nutrients with this diet? Most of you may be having a similar diet chart with a few variations here and there. When we are so busy with our daily schedule of going to work, coming back, household chores and then sleep, do we actually have time to take care of the needs of our body?

And then we complain of hair fall, premature greying of hair, and under eye dark circles, dull and tired skin and various other skin problems. We may also end up having Calcium or Iron deficiency! Don’t you think these are serious issues and we need to address them at the earliest? Most of us are in our 20s or 30s and we are already facing so many health issues.

So my dear girls, I would like take this opportunity to request you all to take some time oiut for yourselves and watching what you are eating. Because, only if we eat healthy will we stay healthy!

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Here are a few pointers that could help you start of on a ‘Healthy Eating’ journey:

Water: You may have heard this a 100 times and yet again I would repeat – Drink loads of water! Start your day with water and end with it. Make the water bottle your best friend and carry it around everywhere with you, so that you can keep sipping on it. Water helps in cleansing out all toxins in the body and thus giving us glowing skin along with a lot of other benefits.

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Dry Fruits: Soak some dry fruits like almonds overnight and include the same in your breakfast. What are you doing with the ones you received this Diwali anyway? 😉 Make good use of them and add some pistachios, cashews and raisins as well. Since, dry fruits are packed with various vitamins, essential fats and nutrients, they keep you healthy and fit.

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Fresh Fruits: Most of you must be already aware of the various wonderful health benefits of consuming fruits. So let me simply say – Add fruits in your diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases, including heart attack and stroke. Fruits are also mighty beneficial for the Skin and Hair. Next time around, do not forget to include a fruit or 2 in your handbag and don’t hesitate to grab one when you get hungry!

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Eggs: They are a power house of proteins. Include them in your regular diet and it will surely help with your hair problems. And for all you vegetarians, paneer ( cottage cheese) could be a good alternative for our daily dose of proteins.

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Leafy Greens: Mom was right! Greens are good for our health and we definitely need to eat them! They are full of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in fiber, an important nutrient for weight loss and maintenance, because it keeps you feeling full and helps control your hunger. So go on and binge on that Sarson ka saag with makki ki roti!!


Milk: Lastly do include a glass of milk in your diet from now on. It would help combat many health issues as it is a rich source of Calcium. I am saying this from experience, as my mom faced some health problems and doctor had advised her to drink a glass of milk daily. She had almost stopped drinking milk after marriage and the only source of milk was her cup of tea. But she now realizes how necessary it is to include the same in diet. As age advanced, we need our dose of calcium to keep joint pains at bay.

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When we plan so much for our future, financially and otherwise, why not take some time off to plan a healthy life? Give it a thought and let me know your views on it…

Till then, stay fit and stay happy, as it is one of the best way to keep your heart, mind and body healthy. :

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