Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Raven 01 Review, Swatch, EOTD

Tom ford extreme mascara raven

Claims : Complete the mesmerizing tom ford eye with darkly lush shades of Tom Ford Extreme Mascara. Lash-filling powders amplify the eyes’ dramatic impact and the creamy formula lasts throughout the day without clumping or crumbling.

Price : USD 45/ Rs 2900 approx

Available in 2 colors : Raven (black), Mocha Rush (Brown)

Tom ford extreme mascara raven review, swatch

My Experience with Tom Ford Extreme Mascara :

I am a huge fan of Tom Ford Makeup line but never gave mascaras from the range a try. This time around I picked up two mascaras from Tom Ford. I have been using the Extreme Mascara from past few days and I totally love it.

I am a huge mascara girl. I love my mascaras to be black, intense and very dramatic. I actually spend a good couple of minutes to build up layers and layers of mascara to make my lashes stand out. Something like THIS. 😀 Tom Ford Extreme Mascara is available in 2 shades – Raven (black) and Mocha Rush (brownish black). I picked up in the shade Raven 01. It is a dark black mascara. And I love how black it is.

The packaging is same as all the Tom Ford Makeup line- beautiful metallic copper with gold lettering.

The brush is quite massive I have to say. It is probably one of the biggest mascara brushes I have used in a while. I quite like it because I feel it gives a lovely volume to the lashes and it also helps in making lashes look very dramatic. I can build it up to get those super intense black glossy lashes and I love it. I have to say that since the brush is thick I also end up smearing my mascara a bit while applying, especially on my lower lashes. But I am able to clean up the smudges with a cotton bud once the mascara dies.

The formula is neither too thick nor too dry. I’d call it creamy and it takes a few seconds to dry up completely. I wouldn’t put it in very fast drying mascara categories.

It holds up the curl all day long. It does not smudge or smear. And it does not flake. It adds a little flutter to the lashes and I quite like that about this mascara. 😀 Does not irritate the eyes at all. It lasts all day /night long – until you remove it with a makeup remover.

I am all about expensive mascaras but this I feel is too expensive for something that can be used only for 3-4 months.

Overall, I LOVEEEE this mascara for the drama and intensity it creates. It totally erases my need to apply false lashes. I wouldn’t put it in a natural looking mascara category. It is the one that screams drama and intensity. If you like that kind of qualities in your mascara, it is an awesome one to try.

Still I feel you’d find mascaras as good as this for lesser price as well.

Rating : 3.8/5


Tom ford extreme mascara raven review tom-fotd-mascara-extreme-raven-1 tom-ford-mascara-extreme-raven-review tom-fotd-mascara-extreme-review

EOTD : Used 2 coats. But I build it up to 3-4 layers as well sometimes to make lashes look super intense. Tom ford extreme mascara raven eotd

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  1. I also love mascaras that create drama and intense look. In fact, I am so much into mascara phase these days that I use it even when I am at home. 😛

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